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How To Write A Blog That Attracts More B2B Customers [15 Steps]

Note: If you want to skip this step on how to write a blog post and jump straight to a new blog writing service for your HR company, click here: Blog Writing Service For HR Companies.

When considering how to write a blog that attracts new B2B customers for your Human Resources business, here’s a helpful framework to consider:  Continue reading

How To Use Cold B2B Email To Generate More Sales For Your HR Tech Company [Expert Interview]

Here’s something you may have been wondering as you consider all your marketing options: Should we learn how to use cold B2B email to generate more sales for our HR tech company?

Aaron Ross is the man credited with achieving massive growth at Salesforce, largely due to his innovative cold email campaigns.

Using cold email for B2B sales

Let’s see how cold B2B email is described on Aaron’s website, Predictable Revenue:

Cold emailing might be the most effective and untapped form of networking. In fact, it’s a way to build a network without having to rely on anybody and isn’t nearly as nerve wracking as a cold call. But beyond this (and maybe more importantly), cold emailing can be extremely effective for sales, especially if your company is focusing on outbound sales specifically. With a little persistence, patience and creativity, cold emailing can be your foot-in-the-door with new clients.

To see how it all works in practice and how a B2B email outreach campaign can be implemented at an HR tech company, let’s hear from industry expert Vlad Goloshchuk, CEO of the B2B SaaS sales research and cold email company, Brightest Minds.

Woodpecker (30 days for free) is the tool most commonly used for cold email outreach.

Cold B2B Email Expert (Vlad Goloshchuk) On How To Use Cold B2B Email To Generate More Sales For Your HR Tech Company

I’ve used cold B2B email to great effect at various times in my career (to reach employment law firms, training companies, and more) so I really enjoyed this talk with Vlad. 

Cold B2B Email Lead Generation - Vlad

Here’s what we discussed:

  1. Is cold B2B email marketing worth doing? How does it compare to other marketing channels?
  2. What if your HR business or product doesn’t serve one narrow, neatly-defined target audience? How can cold B2B email outreach be applied?
  3. What should an HR tech company say in their email messages?
  4. How to optimise the performance of a cold email outreach campaign?
  5. Where to start when setting up a cold B2B email marketing campaign?
  6. What does your B2B lead generation business offer?
  7. Can you share some tips on interesting people, websites, tools, podcasts, or books to check out to help grow a business faster?

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How To Create A Value Proposition For Your HR Company [Expert Interview]

If you saw my recent article where we looked at HR companies that had failed to differentiate themselves from the competition, you might be wondering how to create a value proposition for your own HR-related consultancy or HR tech company.

In order to help you create the right unique value proposition for your Human Resources business, I’ve asked branding and value proposition expert, Jill Pringle, for her advice.

 Jill is a former Marketing Director in commercial businesses, who now consults on how to reposition, consolidate or refresh a brand.

This is part of a four-step strategy to get more customers and clients in the Human Resources industry.

Business Value Expert (Jill Pringle) On How To Create A Value Proposition For Your Human Resources Company

Jill Pringle - Value Proposition

During a very interesting discussion on how to create a value proposition, I asked Jill the following questions: 

  1. Are value propositions just a marketing vanity exercise? What do they really do?
  2. What if your HR business or product doesn’t serve one narrow, neatly-defined target audience? Is it still possible to come up with a good value proposition that reaches across industries and roles?
  3. Different people in the business within the HR business will have a different opinion on what is the ideal value proposition – how do you determine which is the right one?
  4. What does the actual process of building your value proposition involve? Is all qualitative and internally-focussed?
  5. Are there any guiding questions an HR business should think about when identifying their value proposition?
  6. How should an HR business link their value proposition to the details of what they do (their product/service features & benefits)?
  7. How do you know if you’ve come up with the right value proposition?
  8. What are some practical examples of an HR business putting its value proposition into action?

Let’s get into it but, first, don’t forget to join my mailing list for more business marketing insights . . . Continue reading

How To Get More HR Tech Customers In 2018 – Q&A With Crème de la Crème

Today we’re looking at how to get more HR Tech customers and I have kindly been joined by GetMoreHRclients reader, David Odier, who leads international growth for the exciting French & English-language talent portal based in Paris, Crème de la Crème.

David Odier, Head of International Growth, Crème de la Crème

Paris, France

How To Get More Recruitment Tech Customers - David

Crème de la Crème connects professionals with freelancers from the best universities.

(Ben’s Note: Like me, David has a strong belief in understanding your target audience – see my quick article on how to make your HR-related business stand out).

How To Get More HR Tech Customers – Q&A With David Odier

Here’s what I asked David:

  1. What does your business do?
  2. Do you focus on a niche within the market or do you serve all businesses?
  3. What are some effective ways you have acquired new clients/customers? What makes them effective?
  4. Any ineffective ways to find new clients? Why didn’t they work so well?
  5. Can you share some tips on interesting people, websites, tools, podcasts, or books to check out to help grow a business faster?

Let’s get into it . . .  Continue reading

How To Get More Employee Engagement Software Sales Leads From Capterra In 2018 [See 15 Examples]

Capterra bills itself as ‘the smart way to find business software’ for B2B people researching new business software. Let’s look at how to get more employee engagement software sales leads from Capterra.

We’ll also examine 15 examples from employee engagement tech companies.

This marketing channel is part of Step 3 (Bring Your Target Market To You) of my four-step strategy to get more HR customers and clients for your business.

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