Being a thought leader is extremely powerful.

Ben recently interviewed one of the most successful HR leadership development companies in the world (the Franklin Covey company) – they have a very clear business growth strategy built on thought leadership.

In fact, they’ve even nominated 12 people in their business as designated thought leaders who will drive ongoing business success.

Nearly every high-growth HR company that has appeared on the A Better HR Business podcast credited thought leadership and content marketing for a large part of their success.

Don’t Get Left Behind

Here’s something you can do right now:

Open up Google and look up the websites of leading competitors in your industry.

Chances are, they have invested in producing and sharing valuable thought leadership content for their target market.

In doing so, their marketing flywheel is already moving and picking up speed.

Thought leadership is crucial for any HR-related business.

If you’re not actively and regularly sharing valuable insights with your target market, you will get left behind.

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If you’re looking to expand your HR business, I recommend Ben and his expert advice.” Robert Ebers, CEO – Workplace Stars

Here’s What Thought Leadership Will Do For Your HR Business

Several things begin to happen when you demonstrate thought leadership by regularly sharing valuable insights with your target audience:

  • You get more inbound enquiries from business owners and inhouse HR leaders for your HR products and services.
  • It becomes much easier to sell your HR products and services – you no longer have to try to convince the other person.
  • Your sales cycle is reduced. You start getting paid sooner.
  • You get asked to give speeches, write guest articles, go onto podcasts, present on webinars, and participate in other valuable promotional opportunities.
  • Ultimately, you get more clients for your HR products and services.

However, there’s a problem . . .

The Problem: It’s Hard To Keep Producing

Here’s the reality: most people find it hard to keep producing valuable thought leadership content week in, week out.

After all:

  • You’re busy trying win new customers and clients.
  • You’re busy doing your day-to-day work.
  • You’re busy doing all the usual admin tasks that we all love to hate.
  • You’re busy trying to enjoy a life outside of work too.

The Solution: Let Us Turn You Into A Thought Leader

We’ve found a way to make this easy for you: you sit back, relax, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We get clarity on you, your business, and your ideal customers/clients and their problems and concerns.
  2. We identify key themes, stories of interest, intriguing angles, and more.
  3. We produce insightful thought leadership pieces using your ideas, stories, advice, tips, and your values.
  4. You receive your own thought leadership content ready to share and promote in the form/s of your choice (articles, videos, podcasts, LinkedIn posts, email newsletters, webinars, etc).

You’ll be on your way to becoming a thought leader.

By educating your ideal clients, you’ll be quietly promoting your HR business in a very non-salesy way and letting your personality shine.

Remember the thing that so many HR companies forget, people prefer to buy from people – not from lengthy whitepapers or programmatic ad buys.

Your ideal customers and clients want to hear from your authentic voice.

Let’s make it happen.

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“Ben and his team have taken our HR marketing and lead generation up to a whole new level. They’ve delivered a powerful combination of strategy, execution, and iteration to help us reach new top-level clients. They continue to produce high-quality marketing campaigns.” Paul Smyth, Managing Director – Top Tier Recruitment

Already Doing Some Content Marketing?

Is your team already doing some content marketing?

A blog, newsletter, that sort of thing?


This means it will be easier to get your marketing flywheel moving even faster.

We work in partnership with you, your marketing teams, your solo marketer, your business development manager, or whoever is producing your thought leadership content and we help you scale things up so you reach more of your ideal clients.

We have some cool methods to supplement and scale-up your existing thought leadership activities.

Why Work With Us?

  • We are selective. We’re from the HR industry so we only work with ambitious small-medium HR consultancies and HR Tech businesses.
  • Week in, week out, we study what successful HR businesses around the world are doing to grow faster (see our HR business growth podcast).
  • We are well-connected. For example, around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended our online HR business growth conference.
  • You’ll be able to draw upon our deep HR marketing experience and success to craft your own thought leadership plan.
  • You’ll work directly with Ben on your campaign plan. Behind the scenes, our marketing process guru, Operations Director, Ferencz leads the team to make sure everything is mapped out carefully and all the trains run on time.

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You will not get any hard sell – just plenty of good ideas and ambition for you and your HR business.

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