I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Andy Najjar, Chief Operating Officer at FutureSolve, an HR Tech company that provides high-quality advisory services and people technology for HR and business leaders.

Andy Najjar

As the Chief Operating Officer at FutureSolve, Andy Najjar is responsible for leading FutureSolve’s global operations and direction. He joined the company with more than 15 years of experience in the talent and Human Resources space. He is a technologist that is focused on how technology is changing the future of work.

Prior to joining FutureSolve, Andy was instrumental in growing companies like HRsmart and TalentGuard from upstart talent management software companies to acquisitions by Deltek and Venture Capital funding. He also plays an advisory role with technology companies innovating in the HR Technology space and assisting in market fit and innovation direction.

FutureSolve was founded by former CHROs of companies like Comcast, Frito Lay, Suntrust Bank, Unisys, and more.

Providing a wide array of technology and strategic CHRO advisory services, FutureSolve helps organizations prepare and position for the Future of Work.

FutureSolve also provides benchmarking against the industry and performance index results delivered in a predictive AI analytics engine. “We put associates first and strive to leverage the internal organization to make clients self-sufficient.”

In a wide-ranging discussion, Andy and I talked about:

  • The key strategic HR challenges currently facing CHROs and CEOs.
  • The specialist support provided by FutureSolve to medium-sized companies.
  • FutureSolve’s expertise in culture transformation, change management, leadership strategy, and diversity & inclusion.
  • Interesting technology tools offered to clients: AI that recruits and hires faster& better, real-time insights, predictive analytics, AI to prescribe effective training, and more.
  • The free resources provided by FutureSolve
  • And much more.

Ok, over to Andy (thanks Andy) . . .

Andy Najjar – Chief Operating Officer at FutureSolve

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