There are many assessment tools on the market that help evaluate executives and managers.

However, most offer pre-determined packages of measurements and dusty old job profiles from an old library that bear no relation to the specific organisation, market, and workforce.

Built on the premise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to assessments, Great People Inside UK (GPI) is changing the game.

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Ok, let’s move on to look at Great People Inside UK.

What Does The Great People Inside HR Tech Platform Do?

Great People Inside is a fully-customisable assessment provider, offering tailored psychometric assessments and 360 surveys designed by the customer on the online platform to meet their exact requirements.

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With GPI, you can measure exactly what you want to measure and choose the length, duration, complexity, and cost of the assessment.

GPI offers a powerful, fully-customisable, psychometric, and 360° feedback, assessment platform.

Using 61 fully validated psychometric dimensions, and thirty-eight 360° dimensions, they create totally customised assessments specific to the competencies, values, requirements or objectives of any role, organisation or department – anywhere in the world.

An assessment can be short/long, simple/complex and take anywhere from 12 minutes for entry-level roles to 60 minutes-plus for the Board Room.

The assessments only measure what’s important to the client’s business.

Some of the key selling points for Great People Inside include:

  • Customisation – only measure what you need and only pay for what you use.
  • Ease of use – easy to read, can be used by line managers (NOT just consultants and HR)
  • ‘Hands off’ capability – used as a scientific filtering tool for volume AND graduate roles, requires no manual intervention until the shortlist stage.
  • Volume capability, accuracy, and low cost – at very low, ‘per-candidate’, cost, you only interview candidates you know can take on the role.
  • Flexible Pricing – GPI’s customised pricing structure is designed to meet the way YOU use assessments.
  • Competitive pricing – even with its unique customisation features, GPI will usually beat the cost of any comparable assessment.
  • Accessibility – designed to be used on any device (mobile, tablet, laptop, and desktop) anywhere.
Martin Goodwill

I spoke with Martin Goodwill, co-founder and CEO of GPI UK about the marketing and business development plans for the business.

What Are The Typical Outcomes Employers Get When They Use Your Platform?

Reduced employee turnover, improvement in quality and longevity of new recruits, improvement in the performance of existing employees, and identification of current employees not able to reach required levels of performance.

Who Are GPI UK’s Ideal Clients/Partners?

Great People Inside in the UK (we are a global business) operates entirely through Channel Partners.

Great People Inside in the UK operates entirely through channel partners.

Martin Goodwill, CEO of Great People Inside UK

A Channel Partner can be an individual or organisation working in the HR arena as HR Consultants, Learning & Development Consultants, Leadership Consultants, Coaches and Recruiters.

The scope for our Channel Partners is the widest possible. Our assessments can be used in any organisation, large or small, that employs people and wants to recruit and/or develop their people in the most effective way.

Our Channel Partners may be solo consultants or part of a company with several employees. They may already use assessments in their consulting work but, perhaps, feel that what they’re using right now is good but not good enough.

Our Channel Partners recognise the limitations of selling their time and see the value of selling products for wider use within their client organisations. This means their clients’ businesses s continue to use the platform, even when the Channel Partner has finished their consulting project and is no working with the client.

How Did You Get Your First Few Channel Partners?

Through personal contacts and networks.

Almost all client meetings are generated by referrals and 1 – 2 -1 meetings and calls to qualify and develop the opportunity.

For Channel Partners, the main focus, beyond personal contacts, has been via LinkedIn.

Our Channel Partner proposition is fundamentally different from that of other companies in our industry.


Our Channel Partner proposition is fundamentally different from that of other companies in our industry.

We don’t charge for Accreditation, to join our network or remain a part of our network.

We believe in not raising barriers to entry for potential partners, recognising that not everyone who joins us will generate business for themselves/us.

However, as it’s impossible to identify those people who will benefit from our tools, and there are a lot of people starting new businesses who are time-rich but cash-cautious, we decided to accredit anyone with the right background and benefit from those that are successful with us.

What Are Your Main Marketing Channels For Getting New Clients Now?

We are constantly looking at ways in which we can support our Channel Partners in identifying potential clients.

We’re currently exploring high-end telesales activity via an agency that specialises in targeted approaches, not high-volume, low-quality calls.

It’s too early to say what the results might be.

If successful, we will expand this and offer it to our Channel Partners as a service.

Why Would A Consultant Become A Channel Partner?

There are several reasons, including:

It’s good branding to be one of a limited number of UK Channel Partners for the Great People Inside assessment platform.

Channel Partners can earn exceptional margins on every product they sell.

It’s good to have a product to sell to existing clients that is not dependent on their billable hours.

Even better, it’s a great opportunity to earn a high level of residual income

It gives the consultant a reason to go back to recent clients and something new to communicate to contacts and former clients that could revive a dormant business relationship.

It’s nice for an HR consultant to have the ability to reach beyond their local geographic area and work across the UK (and anywhere else in the world if their clients are global). We don’t sell territories – just the right to use our ground-breaking assessment platform wherever the consultant’s clients are located.

The HR Industry Continues To Evolve At A Rapid Rate. What Change And Challenges Do You See Now And In The Future?

HR is seen as the department that needs to lead change in organisations.

The current buzzword is ‘agile’ but to offer agile advice you need to be agile yourself and I don’t see anyone teaching HR to be agile.

At GPI, we believe that with our world facing more uncertainty than ever before (Brexit, AI, automation, death of the high street, etc), the skills HR (and the rest of organisations) will need are not the typical skills they recruit for today.

Instead, organisations need to consider the flexibility, resilience, approach to VUCA (and other qualities) that will allow individuals to roll with the punches of whatever hits them, going forward.

In this vein, we undertook a study which was used as the basis for an article in HR Magazine in January. You can see the article here.

What’s Your Advice To HR Professionals And Employers On How To Face These Challenges?

Measure twice, recruit once.

Measure the qualities you need for today’s job (they must be able to do what you need them to do immediately) then also measure what you need for the future.

The person that is able to meet both requirements is far more likely to survive/thrive in the changing world.

If An HR Consultant Is Interested In Becoming A Channel Partner, What Should They Do?

They can contact me, Martin Goodwill, directly via our website.

Alternatively, they can request a copy of our Channel Partner brochure from here.


It’s a great time to be in the Human Resources field and, particularly, in the HR software space.

I wish Martin and the team all the best for their business.

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Original post published on Apr 16, 2019. Since updated to include podcast interview.