Speziale Recruiting is a busy Ontario-based recruitment firm that helps clients across a range of industries including retail, municipal, health, academic, and not-for-profit sectors.

In this article, I’m kindly joined by Speziale Recruiting founder, Evan Speziale, to discuss growing a recruitment and headhunting business.

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Read on for our discussion on:

  • What the business does and how it helps clients.
  • How Evan got his first few clients and the business’ main marketing channels for getting new clients now.
  • HR changes and challenges Evan sees coming down the line and his advice to HR professionals and employers on how to face these challenges.
  • Evan’s thoughts on how to grow an HR business.

Before we begin . . .

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Evan Speziale On Growing A Recruitment & Headhunting Business

Over to Evan on growing a recruitment & headhunting business . . .

What’s your background? How did you get into the business?

I have a business degree from Lakehead University located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

However, I do come from a family of business owners which really sparked my interest to both attend business school and follow in the entrepreneurial footsteps.

I had started working in the family business as a fourth-generation when I was only 9 years old. This had really set me in the direction and desire to own a business for myself one day.

After graduating, I obtained a job with an Executive Search firm where I was introduced to the industry. I caught on quite quickly and developed a true passion for the job and industry.

After some unfortunate events, I had parted ways to late then develop my own search firm. I had discovered a niche within Thunder Bay, as there were no other competitors in town offering those services locally. The search firm I was in was located in town but centralized out of Toronto. I was essentially a Toronto employee working out of Thunder Bay.

Partnering with an HR Tech firm, really launched my business to create awareness and obtain clients, and we have been going strong since.

I’m particularly focussed on retaining experienced workers in the economy post-retirement.

What does your business do and how does it help clients?

We are a recruiting & headhunting business. We offer services to help with the hiring process and the struggles employers have in it.

The problems I address relate to not being able to find the right candidate for the vacant role through traditional methods such as job advertisements, as well as assisting businesses that may not have the resources, expertise, or time to manage the hiring process itself and determine what makes an ideal fit in their company.

Our process really focuses on tackling those passive candidates who may not be actively looking through job postings to see what is out there and presenting them with an opportunity that would fit their career path. We take a very personable approach to get to know both the client and candidates on a deeper more meaningful level in order to ensure a perfect fit and hire.

Essentially, we are here to alleviate parts/or all of the hiring process, so our clients do not have to worry and spend so much time trying to find the right candidates through traditional methods.

How do you structure your services?

We are a unique niche HR platform that offers access to specialist HR talent; it’s an integrated website whereby businesses can exchange information in a secure manner as well as manage their projects, chat with their consultants, and pay the project fees, all from their own personalised dashboard.

Our services are structured in a very flexible manner. As I mentioned, we assist with parts/ or all of the hiring process and where assistance is needed. With that being said, focusing on the parts statement, different companies have different parts for where they are needing assistance in. Having a structured set of services could push potential clients away if they perceive that our services are primarily focused on one part of the hiring process.

We want our clients to feel that we are able to help them with all kinds of hiring problems they are facing. My advice would be to portray the sense of care you have for your past, present, and future clients where they feel comfortable approaching you with different types of problems they may be facing and are looking to gain assistance in.

How did you get your first few clients? What are your main marketing channels for getting new clients now?

My first few clients came from the partnership I have with the HR tech company.

I offered a set of services that complimented their tech system and made it appealing to their clients to utilize my services.

From there I was able to create a referral program, which incentivised past and present clients to refer our services and share their experience with their network. This generated a few new clients as well and expanded our network.

Oddly enough, we have no marketing channels at the moment. The reason being the place I live in is a very localized and connected city.

Word-of-mouth is the biggest marketing tool I can have in this area. As I mentioned, there are no other local players in my city that offer these services. Once I generated a client-base through my partnership, word-of-mouth was set out to communicate the services that are here that other companies were unaware of.

We are, however, in the process of building a website as we speak to add credibility and awareness to our name.

What HR changes and challenges do you see coming down the line? What’s your advice to HR professionals and employers on how to face these challenges?

Technology is truly evolving and having a massive effect on the HR industry.

AI is a powerful tool that has been utilized to make a more efficient industry.

The challenge could be companies utilizing this technology and phasing out businesses like myself, who focus on an approach that involves people instead of technology.

My advice would be to focus on areas and parts of the industry in which technology and AI cannot take over. For me and my business that would be personality.

The reason I am comfortable in my position and business is because our business is built on the sense of having a personality and connecting with clients who I can connect with on a more meaningful level to create a deeper, long-term last relationship.

To me, no technology can take that over.

We are all people at the end of the day, and connecting with people is a passion of mine where I even turned a business into doing so.

Without technology, we are still left with those people, and those relationships and connections will never change regardless of any technology that impacts the industry.

What’s your advice on how to grow an HR business?

For me, I had to learn more about myself first, and the type of person I wanted to be to then create a business built around that.

This created a passion and drive for myself as I felt as I created a business and service that truly made me happy as an individual.

Simon Sinek would be a great reference for business and self-awareness.

What Should Potential Clients & Partners Do Next To Learn About Speziale Recruitment?

The best way to learn more about myself and my business would be to contact me directly.

I emphasized a great value and level of importance on being able to connect with more and more people and have conversations with them. I am open to hearing about what people are looking for, what they are struggling with, or even what is working well for them right now, and if my services can assist with that then that is great! If not, then it was still a valuable connection made that could be the start of a relationship in the future.

My best advice in this regard would be to talk to everyone and anyone. Just because they might not be the person you need to talk to today for your business, does not mean they might not be the person you may need to talk to tomorrow.

My example would be talking to an unqualified candidate.

Most might look at the job they are hiring for and see how unqualified that person that applied is and not talk to them. They might not be the best person for that role, but they could the best person for a future role you might be hiring for. Even more, they could one day be in a position for a company that might want to utilize your services. If either of those happens, look how far ahead of the game you are because you took 5 minutes out of your day to talk to them and get to know them better. That is a connection made, and relationship built for the future that could all lead to a more efficient system and potential new clients.

Contact Evan

You can email Evan directly on evan@spezialerecruiting.ca.

Otherwise, connect with Evan on Linkedin.

I wish Evan and the Speziale Recruitment team all the best for the future!

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