If magic exists, it’s alignment. I had a fascinating conversation with Nic Marks, CEO & Founder of employee happiness platform, Friday Pulse.

Nic Marks of Friday Pulse on A Better HR Business Podcast

By measuring positive and negative emotions and systematically collecting feedback, Friday Pulse provides real-time insights on individuals, teams and organizations as they adapt to new realities.

Nic and I had a great conversation about measuring employee happiness and about starting and growing this successful HR Tech business.

For context, here’s Nic giving a TED Talk on measuring happiness . . .

During our chat, we discussed:

✔️ 01:52 – Nic’s background and helping Bhutan & the UK to measure happiness.

✔️ 04:14 – Forming Friday Pulse.

✔️ 06:31 – Why measure employee happiness?

✔️ 09:28 – How does the platform work?

✔️ 13:21 – Helping ‘accidental managers’.

✔️ 14:01 – Data and conversational prompts.

✔️ 19:35 – Getting the first customers.

✔️ 22:05 – Friday Pulse’s reach so far.

✔️ 26:51 – Partnering with other HR businesses and consultants.

Special Support From Friday Pulse

During the current health crisis, Friday Pulse are making this special offer available to employers and HR experts . . .

Look after your employees with our FREE people check-up

At Friday Pulse, we recognise it is imperative we do not overlook the human challenges of the current coronavirus crisis and it’s time to help. It’s always been our founder Nic Marks’ mission to highlight the importance of wellbeing.

We are facing the biggest health, social and economic crisis ever known, resulting in an unprecedented number of people now working remotely.  So, we are offering SMEs access to our people platform free of charge for the next 12 weeks.  When we remain positive, we cope better with change. 

By tracking positive and negative emotions, and collect ongoing feedback, Friday Pulse gives you real-time insights into how individuals and teams are faring, as we all face a new reality.  Plus, the latest thinking, advice and recommendations from Nic, a leading statistician and wellness expert.  

Please get in touch. We’d love to help.

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Over to Nic . . .

Interview With Nic Marks of Friday Pulse

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