Ever had low moments in consulting, lost a big sales pitch, or struggled to price your services at a level that you deserve?

Ask any elite business person or sports star, having the right mindset is crucial to success. I asked business coach and money mindset expert Nina Cooke for her advice to consultants in the Human Resources industry on how to get a business growth mindset.

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How to get a business growth mindset in HR consulting

Nina and I discussed many aspects of business & money mindset including:

✔️ 01:03 – Nina’s background.

✔️ 01:50 – Nina achieving success but still feeling low in confidence.

✔️ 02:48 – Lessons learned from having children.

✔️ 04:26 – Discovering limiting beliefs.

✔️ 07:56 – How to deal with limiting beliefs if you don’t know you have them.

✔️ 11:47 – The fear experienced by HR consultants trying to sell their services.

✔️ 16:25 – Example of an HR firm that lost a big pitch.

✔️ 18:25 – How to be confident and set the right price for your HR services.

✔️ 22:22 – How to cope with the low times, the difficult times in consulting?

✔️ 27:00 – How to restart or maintain the momentum from those New Year’s business resolutions and plans?

For more, visit: NinaCooke.co.uk.

Alternatively, you can email Nina on nina@ninacooke.co.uk.

Thanks, Nina!

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Over to Nina . . .

Get A Strong Business Growth & Money Mindset With Nina Cooke

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