Capterra bills itself as ‘the smart way to find business software’ for B2B people researching new business software.

Let’s look at how to get more HR software sales leads from Capterra.

We’ll examine 15 examples from a sub-category of HR software: employee engagement.

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Ok, let’s get into how to get more Human Resources technology software sales leads from Capterra.

Here’s what we’ll cover today:

  1. What Is Capterra And How Does It Help HR Tech Companies?
  2. How Much Does Capterra Cost?
  3. How To Get Better ROI From Capterra?
  4. Examples Of Landing Pages From HR Companies Advertising On Capterra
  5. Checklist: How To Get More Employee Engagement Software Sales From Capterra

Let’s start with some background to this unique marketing option for HR tech companies . . .

What Is Capterra And How Does It Help HR Tech Companies?

According to Crunchbase, Capterra was sold for US $206,200,000 in 2015 to tech information giants, Gartner.

It is summarised by Crunchbase as:

Capterra is a website that helps people find the right software for their organization by enabling them to identify and quickly navigate all of their choices. Capterra helps software companies reach these buyers more effectively over the Internet.

How to get more employee engagement software sales leads from Capterra

How Much Does Capterra Cost?

Advertising on Capterra is done via an automated auction.

Bidding starts at $2 per click and increases in $0.25 increments.

After that, it’s all down to your budget and results.

Capterra says that “You can increase your bid to control your position and traffic volume within the directories, and you can set a monthly limit on your campaign to safeguard your spend.

They also say: “With a PPC listing, you’re guaranteed to appear above all of your competitors who have a basic listing. You can showcase your software in the prime real estate at the very top of the directory.

How To Get Better ROI From Capterra?

To understand your Return on Investment from running a Capterra campaign, there are several numbers and ratios you need to know:

  • What is your average monthly revenue per customer?
  • How long, in months, does the average customer stay with you?
  • What’s your Customer Lifetime Value? (Months x Monthly Revenue)
  • What’s an acceptable CPA or CAC? (Cost per Acquisition/Cost to Acquire a Customer)
  • What are your conversion rates from web lead to MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to SQL (Sales Qualified Lead) to Customer?
  • What are acceptable costs per stage? Eg. Cost per Lead, Cost per MQL/SQL/Customer.

Make Organic Improvements: Whilst Capterra is largely a pay per click referral site, it’s still worth making sure that you get good customer reviews and ratings. One way to do this is to email your customers and simply ask for a positive review. Here is an interesting case study from TimeCamp (a staff time-tracking app) on how they approached the task of getting more customer reviews on third-party review sites like Capterra.

Improve Paid Acquisition Performance: When it comes to the paid customer acquisition side, we really like this advice in an online chat forum discussing Capterra ROI:

For software, I can say with confidence that Capterra has more traffic than any other directory that I know of. We market B2B software and Capterra’s directory rivals the traffic of a targeted Google Adwords campaign for the same. The quality is good, too. We measure conversions through to leads and sales and it works well. I recommend them, but like anything you must:

  • have relevant landing pages with good offers
  • take the time to look through their categories – you can be in multiple ones, and you should be in all of the ones that are relevant for you.
  • bid to be in the top 3 spots to get any decent traffic. In the top 3 you should find lots of traffic.

To this list you could add a few more:

  • Understand your target market (see article). Be clear on your customer segments and keep them in mind when crafting your landing pages (the pages people land on after clicking an ad or Capterra listing).
  • Always work on improving the page’s headline. As legendary advertising copywriter, David Ogilvy, said: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.
  • Add UTM tracking to monitor your campaign results.
  • Consider segmenting visitors before you show them the landing page. You could ask them their level of seniority, their industry, the location, or some other key differentiator. Then, show them a landing page tailored specifically to that group.

Ok, now let’s scroll down for 15 landing pages from Capterra’s employee engagement review section.

Examples Of Landing Pages From Employee Engagement Companies Advertising On Capterra


Landing page link:

Summary: Here’s a great page from the team at Xexec. Note that there’s no header menu or top navigation links – these have been removed to avoid any distraction from the main goal of getting the demo request. Below the fold (further down the page), there is a full demo request form and some good selling bullet points. They haven’t used UTM tracking to monitor click-through but it’s possible that the ‘-cap-‘ part of the link is short for ‘Capterra’ in which case they have tracking  in place.

Options For Split-Testing: As always, testing the headline with more benefits-led copy could be worthwhile. Making it easier to read would be worth a try too. As a person obsessed with email-capture, we’d consider adding an exit-intent pop-up to collect the email address of people leaving the page without requesting the demo – no point in wasting those valuable click dollars.

Capterra Landing Page - Xexec


Landing Page Link:

Summary: VibeCatch is a very interesting product with a very cute meerkat theme going on! The landing page is actually the site’s home page with some extra UTM tracking added onto the end. The headline is thought-provoking, as is the sub-heading.

Options For Split-Testing: A separate, trimmed-down landing page split-test could produce a better ROI, particularly if it includes a comparison or product consideration theme to catch the visitor in the right frame of mind (they’re in research mode).


Landing Page Link:

Summary: A nice dedicated landing page from Smarp. Further down the page there is a video, some media logos for extra status, a testimonial, and some benefit-driven copy.

Options For Split-Testing: Testing the headline copy and the form design (to make it shorter or easier) would be a good place to start.


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Qualtrics have had an amazing growth story – we know because our founder Ben got them to speak at a seminar he ran a few years back. Great-looking landing page with all the right elements.

Options For Split-Testing: Testing visitor segmentation could prove beneficial as different role types have different requirements. Some people would value the end-to-end visibility aspect whereas others would focus on the ease-of-use element. Segmenting would allow Qualtrics to present the right messaging to the right people.


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Nice benefit-led headline: ‘Simplify your learning, onboarding and performance‘. The header menu has been stripped away to retain focus on the main call to action: the form. The form is stripped-down too. Only three fields and one of them is optional. It’s possible that there are further questions asked after these initial fields but we didn’t want more email in our inbox so we left it at that 😉 Further down the page, there are feature headings that link off to other pages containing more information but, cleverly, these pages open in new tabs so the original landing page remains open (reducing the bounce rate). A Hotjar chat box appeared just in case someone wanted to talk but we suspect it doesn’t get much use as this page is all about requesting a demo or leaving.

Options For Split-Testing: We really like the section called: ‘A few of the things our customers use eloomi to improve‘ – subtle reinforcement and social proof. Nice. we’d be inclined to move that up a little. It could be worth running a heatmap tracking software over the page to see which sections are actually used by visitors.


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Well, the guy in the photo certainly looks pleased with himself. Perhaps he finally got the chance to give anonymous feedback to HR about his boss. Whatever happened, this page feels very corporate and generic which generally spells poor conversion for a landing page. At the very least, there is no consideration that visitors are coming to this page from an employee engagement listing. In fact, the testimonial further down the page relates to customer feedback surveys – not employee surveys at all. Such misalignment could cost expensive clicks for people to just click away and leave.

Options For Split-Testing: We imagine there’d be significant room for conversion improvement (and, therefore, a better Capterra ROI) by tailoring this page specifically to employee engagement surveys. Getting rid of the header menu and making other changes could come later – this page needs to focus on its target audience first.

HR Cloud

Landing Page Link:

Summary: We like this page – it’s fun, creative, benefits-led and communicates a lot of information. Good use of bolded text in paragraphs too – most people scan through web content these days so having quickly identifiable summaries is helpful.

Options For Split-Testing: The two things we’d test first would be: (1) trimming away distracting elements such as the header menu, and (2) Making the demo request button more prominent and possible repeating it elsewhere in the middle of the page. With such a creative page design, the button seems to go a little missing which may cost in reduced conversion.

Capterra Landing Page - HR Cloud


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Engagedly looks like a great product and the testimonials are certainly glowing. The ‘Refreshingly Simple and Engaging‘ part of the headline would have to be attractive to prospective sales leads as performance management comes with more than its fair share of employee angst.

Options For Split-Testing: We found the page colouring and design to be a little dated and possibly a little distracting. That may mean nothing at all in terms of conversion but it would be interesting to compare the performance of the current page against a plain white background page with all the same content and design elements. And, as folks who write a lot of marketing copy, it pains us to say this, it might be worth getting rid of some of the text from the various explanatory sections – blocks of text can be quite off-putting in this rapid-click-away world.

Capterra Landing Page - Engagedly


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Not sure why, but we really love that carrot logo! Qarrot use an excellent headline that cuts to the chase: ‘Motivate front-line employees to perform’ – that’s the bottom line for a business owner. The rest of the page is very clean and easy to scan through. We were a little surprised to see no UTM tracking on their Capterra link. Here’s the simple free tool we use to general UTM links. For a more advanced link tracking tool, we recommend Rebrandly.

Options For Split-Testing: It’s a lovely design so testing would be on minor elements to start with, such as removing header menu and possibly get more click-throughs on the call to action button by making it larger, testing positioning, and looking at other wording options. Qarrot would probably get a better ROI on their Capterra spend by focussing on the copy used in their listing before people even get to this landing page. We’d start with making sure that only brick & mortar shops and retail businesses click through to the landing page (not office workers, tech companies, etc), thereby reducing spend that will never convert.

Capterra Landing Page - Qarrot


Landing Page Link:

Summary: We’re big fans of company intranets as they help people in large organisations to connect and improve their efficiency and effectiveness. Hub looks like a very strong product that does well in the internal staff communications and knowledge management space. However, we suspect they get a poor return from this Capterra listing or, at least, an expensive one. Landing page design aside (it’s not really a landing page, it’s a product home page), there’s not much that connects this page to the original Capterra listing section. When there is a disconnect between the ad or the ad platform and the landing page, poor and expensive conversion usually follows.

Options For Split-Testing: For a start, even just swapping the headline with the sub-headline would probably boost conversion. The focus of this particular page should be on employee engagement. Sure, the product is always going to be an intranet but for this Capterra listing, change the focus to align with the source. In this case, the source is a listing section dedicated to people interested in employee engagement.

Capterra Landing Page - Huv


Landing Page Link:

Summary: This is how you do it, folks. A clean design with all elements focussed on a common theme (employee engagement) all probably leading to good conversion. Check out the chart they’ve put further down the page – it compares Jostle to everyone else and it makes them look very impressive indeed. Our founder Ben knows the CEO, Brad Palmer, from when he contributed to an HR ebook Ben wrote years ago, and it doesn’t surprise him that his team have produced such a good design.

Options For Split-Testing: For testing purposes, a heat map review would be interesting to see what it turns up – it might suggest that the call to action gets missed. Splitting the bottom request form into two steps (for a shorter form) may help too. Note: Sometimes longer forms get fewer sign-ups but higher conversion rates because those sign-ups want it more.

Capterra Landing Page - Jostle


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Kudos is a beautifully packaged product and they make things very clear on their landing page, well, home page. Kudos is employee engagement so they’ve decided to send all Capterra traffic directly to their home page as that contains their full sales story.

Options For Split-Testing: The main call to action is actually to watch the video. Personally, we’re not really big video-watching people here and tend to skip this part and scroll down so this could be something worth testing. Adding a demo request to the top section may help but then, again, maybe the video warms up leads before showing them the demo request option. We can only know by testing and measuring. Also, if the cost per click from Capterra is high, we’d consider stripping down the landing page and focusing on getting the opt-in name and email details via a free guide or demo request.

Capterra Landing Page - Kudos


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Peakon continues to go from strength to strength and they’ve produced a nice landing page, well, home page, to communicate their offering in the employee engagement space. We really like how they cut to the chase with their call to action: ‘Peakon is free to try for 30 days. No credit card required.’ Spelling out the offer like that is sure to give conversion a good boost. Also, note that the free trial request form is only one field – the email address – talk about making things very easy. The use of statistics and data in the page copy further down the page is interesting. Data helps convince people beyond the self-serving text that all companies write about themselves on their home pages.

Options For Split-Testing: Overall, an excellent page. A split-test might start with a trimmed-down page minus site navigation links that might lead the person away.

Capterra Employee Engagement Software Landing Page - Peakon

Culture Amp

Landing Page Link:

Summary: Culture Amp have had huge success (go you Aussies!) as evidenced by the customer logos used on the landing page. The page is a trimmed-down version of the home page and it works well. Even the company logo no longer navigates back to the home page – it’s all about getting that demo request done. A pop-up appears to download a free guide which could be a good way to retain visitors after paying Capterra for a click as long as the opt-in keeps the person on the page and doesn’t redirect them away.

Options For Split-Testing: A split-test might begin with a redesign of the form to make it a little less . . . well . . . big.

Capterra Landing Page - CultureAmp


Landing Page Link:

Summary: Ah . . . a true landing page. All frills and distractions have been removed to ensure only one point of focus: the opt-in for the free guide. It all comes down to data but we always have a natural preference for content opt-ins because they feel like a smaller step for someone visiting your site cold. Asking a brand new visitor to buy or even just request a demo sometimes seems like proposing marriage on the first date. This free guide could work well for MaritzCX.

Options For Split-Testing: It would be interesting to run versions of the landing page where the only thing that changes is the title of the free report – is there a more alluring topic that would garner more opt-ins? Then we’d look at testing the form length.

Capterra Landing Page - MaritzCX

You may have noticed that Capterra’s search results for this category had 170 results.

15 landing page examples are a good start but feel free to go check out the rest directly.

Checklist: How To Get More HR Software Sales From Capterra

Here are 5 key things we’d suggested remembering for when running a Capterra lead generation campaign:

  1. Be very clear on your numbers (key ratios, budget, conversion rates).
  2. Build a good landing page and continue to split-test.
  3. Check that you’re in the right category.
  4. Use UTM tracking to monitor the source and version of your campaign traffic. Here’s the simple free tool we use to general UTM links. For a more advanced link-tracking tool, we recommend Rebrandly.
  5. Monitor your bidding and, if the ROI works, aim to be in a Top 3 position.

Next Steps: Got some more ideas on how to get more employee engagement software sales leads from Capterra? Get in touch!