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How To Build Backlinks To Your HR Business Website – with Charlie Hardgrove from SEOJet

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Charlie Hardgrove from SEOJet, link management software designed to help SEO agencies and marketers build natural #1 ranked link profiles. The software draws your website link maps based on data from thousands of links pointing to top-ranked websites.

Charlie Hardgrove

During our conversation with Charlie, we explored the ins and outs of off-page SEO and the role of backlinks in boosting your website’s authority. Charlie, being an SEO guru and expert from SEOJet, walks us through the significance of link-building and provides insights on how to effectively implement it in your SEO strategy.

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How To Partner With Harrison Assessments (Psychometric Assessments) with Nigel Gracie

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Nigel Gracie, Business Development Director for Europe and Africa at Harrison Assessments International, a global leader in psychometric assessments.

Are you looking to enhance your HR consulting or HR-related business? Here is an opportunity for you to partner with Harrison Assessments International, a global leader in psychometric assessments.

Nigel Gracie
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How To Get Clients For A Leadership Development Consultancy

This is part of our new article series on how to get clients for consulting businesses in the Human Resources industry. Today, we’re focusing on how to get clients for a leadership development consultancy.

We’ll look at:

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Helping Employers To Use AI Responsibly In HR – with Bob Pulver from Cognitive Path

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Bob Pulver, Principal and Founder of Cognitive Path, an advisory firm that specializes in helping businesses leverage responsible and compliant AI in their HR software.

Bob Pulver is a seasoned transformation leader and strategist renowned for challenging conventions and solving complex enterprise problems. With a rich background in assisting organizations such as IBM and NBCUniversal, he excels in merging emerging technologies and collective intelligence to propel the evolution of work.

Bob Pulver

Transitioning to the startup realm, Bob has become a talent technology leader, strategic advisor, and HR technology industry analyst, leveraging his diverse expertise across people, processes, data, and technology. His reputation as an empathetic communicator and trusted advisor underscores his ability to convey the value and impact of systemic change, making him a catalyst for innovation and operational optimization.

With 25 years of experience in high-tech and media industries, Bob offers independent expertise to businesses of all sizes through Cognitive Path.

Specializing in optimizing human potential through technologies like automation and AI, they provide comprehensive client services, including gap analysis, project planning, and clear communication of expectations. For talent technology vendors, Cognitive Path offers insights into target markets, user experience, content marketing, and tailored services.

Bob is here to shed light on the importance of compliant AI in HR software and how Cognitive Path is helping employers navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. With new legislation emerging globally, it is crucial for businesses to understand how to use data and technology responsibly and ethically. Bob provides valuable insights on anti-bias legislation and how it impacts HR practices. He also discusses Cognitive Path’s role as an advisory firm and auditor, helping organizations select the right HR technology and ensuring compliance with legislation.

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How To Achieve Person-Market Fit For You And Your HR Business – with Vessy Tasheva

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Vessy Tasheva, CEO of, a global DEIB and Mental Health consultancy, about the concept of person-market fit and its impact on the evolution of an HR business.

Vessy Tasheva is a prominent figure in the field of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B). As the founder of, her consultancy engages with clients worldwide, particularly focusing on fast-growing tech companies in FinTech, gaming, cybersecurity, and eCommerce, primarily those 2-4 years pre-IPO.

Vessy Tasheva

Vessy has garnered recognition for her impactful work, receiving accolades such as being featured in the Top 30 Diversity & Inclusion Leaders You Must Follow in 2022 by LeadersHum. In 2021, her company was listed in the Top 10 of Emerging Diversity & Inclusion Companies in Europe by Manage HR Magazine and she was personally recognized as one of the Top 50 D&I Influencers globally by Onalytica. Her influence extends to 2020, when she was named one of the UK’s most influential D&I leaders by Hive Learning, and 2019, recognized as one of the most influential D&I Leaders globally.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Vessy is an angel investor in digital health and mental health. She actively contributes to societal change as an Advisory Board Member of Deystvie, an organization dedicated to impacting the lives of LGBTI people in Bulgaria, and serves as a Diversity & Inclusion Board Member of Positive Luxury, working towards a sustainable future for the luxury industry.

In November 2022, Vessy launched a video course on Inclusive Leadership on the SocialTalent learning platform, achieving the remarkable feat of ranking #2 in the Most Watched courses with an impressive NPS of 87. Prior to her entrepreneurial venture, Vessy accumulated 11 years of experience, notably serving as the Chief Strategy Officer of a talent tech startup and holding various roles across product, marketing, and culture in companies ranging from 4 to 800 employees.

In this episode, Vessy shared her insights on the importance of aligning personal purpose with your business’s market fit. She discussed how her journey from launching the business to its evolution over the years centered on understanding the human element within the diversity, inclusion, and belonging space. Her exploration led her to focus on developing trust-driven inclusive leadership, self-trust, and interpersonal trust, eventually incorporating psychoanalytic principles to foster a healthier workplace environment.

Moreover, Vessy’s unconventional approaches to marketing and the expansion of her business were equally enlightening. From prioritizing community building, thought leadership, and producing detailed reports to venturing into complementary side projects and promising angel investment, Vessy exemplifies the significance of aligning personal strengths and passions with business strategies.

Vessy also shared valuable advice, emphasizing the importance of active listening and authentic conversations in tailoring your HR business to your market and personal strengths. They shed light on how to obtain genuine feedback without falling into the “mom test” trap and recognizing the crucial timing for innovation and adaptation within the constantly evolving landscape.

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10 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring In More New Clients For Your HR Business [And How To Fix It]

Did you know that for every 100 potential new clients that visit a typical B2B website, anywhere from 90% to 100% of those people will leave and never come back?

Host of the A Better HR Business podcast - Ben Geoghegan
Host of the ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast – Ben Geoghegan

Today, there’s a particular problem we want to help you solve:

Why doesn’t your business website bring in more new clients for your Human Resources business?

(As always, when we say the HR industry, we mean all the areas such as recruitment, learning & development, employee engagement, HR compliance, and so on).

We’re going to walk you through 10 questions to ask yourself about your business website.

Some of the 10 questions include:

✔️ Is your website a brochure site or is it a client acquisition funnel?

✔️ Are you answering WIIFM?

✔️ Are you making use of remarketing technology?

✔️ And plenty more.

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Growing Alaant Workforce Solutions – with Tom Schin

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Tom Schin, Director, Talent Acquisition & Workforce Services at Alaant Workforce Solutions, a premier agency offering staffing, recruiting, and consulting services.

Tom Schin

Tom is a highly regarded figure in the Capital Region’s recruitment industry since 2005, with extensive experience spanning businesses of all sizes and various specialty sectors. In his role, Tom oversees Alaant’s Talent Acquisition Partnerships (TAPs), offering flexible staffing solutions that optimize recruiting efforts and drive cost savings.

Additionally, he leads Alaant’s recruitment consulting services, where he assembles a team of experts to aid employers with both strategic and tactical support, enhancing their hiring processes. Tom’s 15+ years in the recruitment industry, along with his emphasis on relationship building and leadership, have empowered businesses across diverse sectors to make effective workforce placements. Furthermore, he actively contributes to various professional organizations and holds a CultureTalk Certified Partner certification.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Tom and Ben talked about:

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HR Riskonomics and Running HR As A Business – with George Akle from GOVERNHR

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with George Akle, Founder and HR Governance Expert at GOVERNHR, a company specialising in HR Governance, delivering strategic solutions that drive compliance, risk mitigation, and operational efficiency.

With their expertise in HR Riskonomics, GOVERNHR helps organisations address challenges like compliance, succession planning, crisis management, and tech implementation. They also assist in Run HR As A Business, aligning HR practices with strategic goals, and driving innovation and accountability.

In this engaging conversation, George explains the two fundamental aspects of GOVERNHR™: HR Riskonomics and Run HR As A Business.

HR Riskonomics involves strategically recognising and addressing risks within the HR function, such as compensation, employee turnover, vendor management, and technology implementation.

On the other hand, Run HR As A Business focuses on aligning HR practices with an organisation’s strategic goals and financial objectives.

George Akle

As an industry-leading HR professional with 25 years of diverse experience, George has built a successful career by holding regional and global roles. His journey includes serving as the HR Chief Operating Officer (COO) for an Investment Bank in the Asia Pacific, where he was responsible for HR Governance across 17 countries. He also held positions as Head of HR for South East Asia, Head of HR Services, and Regional Business Partner.

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How To Successfully Pitch Your HR Tech Company

Today we’re joined on the show by Jasper Ettema from JET Growth to talk about how to pitch your HR Tech company (or consulting firm).

Entrepreneur born in the Netherlands, living in Austria, active around the globe, Jasper has been involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of business plans & pitch decks processed.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Jasper and Ben talked about:

  • Different types of pitches and how to adjust your pitch for each situation.
  • Key elements of good pitches.
  • How to create an effective pitch deck.
  • Tips for successful pitching.
  • And much more!
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The Two Things You Must Do If You Want To Start & Grow A Successful HR Business

There are two things you absolutely must do if you want to start and grow your own successful HR business . . .

(By ‘HR’ we mean Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc).

Obviously, to really understand what those two things are, we need to venture into the Australian outback . . .

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Marketing For Neurodivergent Business Owners – with Andrew McDonald – The Neurodivergent Copywriter

In the most recent episode of A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Andrew McDonald, also known as the Neurodivergent Copywriter.

Andrew McDonald

Andrew specializes in empowering neurodiverse entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential in business.

Andrew’s expertise lies in cutting through the noise of neurotypical-focused advice, providing tailored guidance for neurodiverse individuals on their journey to build and scale successful businesses. He understands that there are diverse paths to business success and is committed to guiding you along your unique entrepreneurial journey.

As a neurodivergent copywriter, Andrew assists fellow neurodivergent professionals in launching and expanding their businesses through strategic marketing campaigns. One distinctive aspect of his work is his deep consideration of the personalities and needs of his clients, taking into account his own neurodiversity, which includes conditions like OCD, trauma, and Rejection Sensitivity Disorder. This understanding informs his approach, avoiding methods like cold emailing that can be more challenging due to the high prevalence of negative responses.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Andrew and Ben talked about:

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What Is The HR Business Accelerator?

The HR Business Accelerator is for people running their own businesses in the broad ‘HR’ field and for people who are getting ready to start their own HR business.

FYI: For us, the ‘HR’ includes Generalist HR, Recruitment, L & D, Employment Law, Comp & Benefits, D & I, Employee Engagement, etc.

We’ve helped hundreds of HR consultants and HR software companies around the world to grow successful businesses – the HR Business Accelerator will help you too.

To learn more, watch the summary video, or to join the HR Business Accelerator now, click the relevant link below . . .

GROW AN EXISTING BUSINESS: You already run your own HR solo or small business.  

START A NEW BUSINESS: You are planning to start your own HR business

HR TECH & MID-SIZED CONSULTANCIES: If you run an HR Tech company or a mid-sized consulting firm, check out this page.

Video: What Is The HR Business Accelerator and How It Can Help You Grow (or Start) Your HR Business?

To learn more or to join, click the appropriate link below . . .

GROW AN EXISTING BUSINESS: You already run your own HR solo or small business.  

START A NEW BUSINESS: You are planning to start your own HR business

HR TECH & MID-SIZED CONSULTANCIES: If you run an HR Tech company or a mid-sized consulting firm, please check the website menu above or visit this page to see our services designed for you.

Main Marketing Methods for HR Consultancies and HR Tech Companies Explained

Today, we’re having a look at the main marketing methods for HR consultancies and HR tech companies to get in front of new audiences and win new clients.

We explore the diverse landscape of marketing channels available to HR consultancies and HR software companies. This comprehensive overview will help professionals in the HR industry make informed decisions about their marketing strategies, whether they are just starting out or seeking to refine their existing plans.

Context Matters When It Comes To The Main Marketing Methods For HR Businesses

Before diving into specific marketing channels, it is crucial for HR consultants and tech firms to consider various factors. These include their target market, service offerings, available resources, and budget constraints. The choice of marketing approach will also depend on whether they operate as solo consultants, small, or larger HR consultancies or HR tech firms.

Categories of Marketing Channels

The marketing channels in this discussion can be categorized into six main groups:

  • Advertising
  • Business Development
  • Content
  • Email
  • Networking and Referrals
  • Paid Promotion
  • Social Media

Let’s explore each category:

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