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Growing LiveHire (Talent Tech) – Interview With Jon Bowker

Launched in 2012 and now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, the talent acquisition and engagement platform, LiveHire helps leading organisations build extraordinary workforces, fast.

I recently spoke with Jon Bowker from LiveHire (ASX:LVH) about marketing for HR Tech startups and how to grow an HR Tech company.

LiveHire is the award-winning, cloud-based talent acquisition tech company behind the Live Talent Ecosystem, where people connect privately with Live Talent Communities of the best employer brands. LiveHire dramatically accelerates your end-to-end hiring process and revolutionises your candidate engagement and recruiter experience.

Apart from the latest Aussie Rules results, Jon and I talked about these things:

  • What does LiveHire do and who does it help?
  • How LiveHire has positioned itself in the market.
  • LiveHire’s Women In Tech initiative.
  • How LiveHire has grown so quickly. Their main marketing channels and advice for new HR tech startups.
  • Explanation of LiveHire’s partnership types. How HR consultants and HR Tech firm partner with LiveHire for mutual benefit.
  • What challenges or changes Jon sees in the HR industry in the near future and his advice for HR leaders.

And plenty more.

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Growth Tips For HR Tech Founders From Ward Christman (HR Tech Advisor)

Ward Christman is a good person to know if you’re an HR Tech founder.

I recently spoke with Ward from HR Tech Advisor about marketing for HR Tech startups and how to grow an HR Tech company.

Ward and I talked about these things:

  • What HR Tech Advisor does and who it helps.
  • Advice for HR companies on growing indirect sales and partnerships.
  • Business growth advice to HR consultants and HR tech firms thinking of attending conferences either as delegates or as exhibitors.
  • Change and challenges now and in the future for the HR industry.

And much more.

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New Marketing Workshop For HR Consultants (Opening Again Soon)

Looking for more clients?

I have released a few more places for my next marketing for HR online training workshop.

The workshop is invite-only – it is not advertised anywhere.

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An Exciting HR Software Company To Watch: Adepto

I recently had an in-depth conversation with a leading expert in the financial services industry about how large, well-established companies should react to the rise of the tech firms.

The expert shared several fascinating insights that every large corporation should consider, regardless of their industry.

Two comments, in particular, stood out:

  1. Innovate quickly: The highly ambitious tech companies are well-funded, extremely nimble, and are chipping away at market share. Well-established firms can no longer rely on old product lines for future performance so they must innovate quickly which is not part of their DNA.
  2. The workforce is evolving: Top university graduates used to aim for a career in the biggest companies or in consulting. The reputational damage suffered by many companies after various crises has turned young talent away from established companies and, instead, towards the fast-moving world of tech and entrepreneurship.

Large companies must use the collective power of their employees in a much more clever way if they want to survive the upcoming tech upheaval.

One HR software business is helping these large companies do just that with its single view of everything in one place: skills, experience, accreditations, preferences, goals, feedback and more – meet Adepto and its Total Talent solution.

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Growing An Award-Winning Employee Assessment & Development Software Company With Channel Partners: Great People Inside UK

There are many assessment tools on the market that help evaluate executives and managers.

However, most offer pre-determined packages of measurements and dusty old job profiles from an old library that bear no relation to the specific organisation, market, and workforce.

Built on the premise that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to assessments, Great People Inside UK (GPI) is changing the game.

Employee Assessment Software HR Tech GP8PI ad
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Is AI Going To Make You Redundant?

“You are about to become obsolete. You think you are special, and that whatever it is that you are doing is impossible to replace. You are wrong. As we speak, millions of algorithms created by computer scientists are frantically running on servers all over the world, with one sole purpose: do whatever humans can do, but better.”

‘Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK’ by Federico Pistono

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is here.

We’ve all heard the stories of driverless trains, customer service chatbots, and more.

Estonia is soon to start trialling ‘Robo Judges‘ in law courts.

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How To Get More HR Clients From Your Company Blog – 13 HR Companies Share Their Tips

It can be a lot of hard work to produce and maintain an effective company blog so today we’re looking at how to get more HR clients from your company blog.

How To Get More HR Clients From Your Company Blog

Read on for quick tips and ideas from people currently working in Human Resources companies on how to best use your company blog for client acquisition.

If you have a blog marketing tip to share, I’d love to hear from you too. Continue reading

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