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10 Reasons Why Your Website Doesn’t Bring In More New Clients For Your HR Business

Did you know that for every 100 potential new clients that visit a typical B2B website, anywhere from 90% to 100% of those people will leave and never come back?

Normally I do interviews with people from the HR and the business world but today I’m flying solo on the A Better HR Business podcast as there’s a particular problem I want to help you solve:

Why doesn’t your business website bring in more new clients for your Human Resources business?

I’m going to walk you through 10 questions to ask yourself about your business website.

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How To Run A Remote HR Consultancy [Interview With Shamila Mhearban]

Wondering how to run a remote HR consultancy and get international consulting clients? If so, listen in to this enjoyable conversation I had with international HR consultant, Shamila Mhearban.

Shamila has over 12 years’ experience in the Human Resource and Coaching & Mentoring sector where she has had the opportunity to support a range of clients in achieving their vision of success.

Her track record ranges from successfully delivering bespoke commercial/people-focussed solutions and running C-suite workshops for global organisations, through to founding her own executive coaching company.

Not only that, Shamila has achieved this even across two continents, which we’ll learn about soon.

HR Consultant bootcamp wide

Shamila joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

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Growing A Successful HR Consulting Business: WiserWorking

Noel Clerkin is Director and Head of Resilience and Performance at the innovative leadership development consultancy, WiserWorking.

Noel Clerkin laptop

Noel helps leaders to create the conditions to grow their businesses in a sustainable way. He believes this is possible when leaders can manage their stress levels and set their people up to succeed.

I love the tagline on the WiserWorking website:

Tough Times Don’t Last. Resilient Companies Do.

The future of your organisation depends on how well your employees can handle the challenges they face.

Helping them to maintain good energy levels and to stay focused, has never been more important.

Wiser Working’s Performance Resilience model, CORE , equips them with a science-backed approach to building resilience and to keep performing under pressure.

In this quick Q&A, Noel kindly shares how he is busy growing a successful HR consultancy.

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Growing An Employee Experience Business – The E1B2 Collective

After the horrendous change and disruption brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, managing your workforce has become a far more complex process than ever before.

Employee experience has a huge part to play in this which is why I was so pleased to catch up for a chat with Anthony Vaughan.

Anthony is a thought leader and fellow podcaster in the world of Employee Experience.

Anthony’s podcast, E1B2 Collective (Employee 1st Business 2nd), is a business podcast that focuses solely on the unique tactics and authentic approaches that helps leaders and brands create unique and effective culture/employee experiences.

Anthony joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

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Growing A Leadership & Learning Consultancy – With Greg Kinnaird

One of my favourite aspects of working in HR is the opportunity to observe. You’re often in a unique position to stand back and see what’s going on within an organisation and then help drive change to take things forward.

My guest on this podcast episode is one of the best observers and leadership change experts around.

Greg Kinnaird is an expert consultant, facilitator, and author whose business, Corporate Learning Solutions, partners with organisations throughout South-East Asia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, and Europe to help develop their high potential leaders.

Greg joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

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Growing An HR Business In The US – Q&A With Missy Fulton

Missy Fulton is a creative global employer lawyer and strategic HR senior executive. As President & CEO of Chameleon Strategies LLC, a strategic HR and employment law advisory, Missy has dedicated her career to helping dynamic businesses grow by creating that fourth leg of the tape to solidify the business foundation.

Growing An HR Business In The US - Missy Fulton

Having “seen it all” between government, private and public corporations and startups, Missy has a unique and vast array of knowledge about what works and doesn’t work for emerging companies, to partner with any organization to set them up for success, get them out of systemic troubles, mitigate the risks going forward, and/or proactively plan for future growth.

Chameleon is founded on the core understanding that each organization evolves in its own distinct way. Understanding that distinction, Chameleon Strategies’ offerings provide the flexibility, growth opportunities, and thought partnering to pivot talent management and people strategy needs based on a company’s ever-changing business needs.

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How To Start An HR Consulting Business – 6 Steps To Successfully Launch Your New Independent HR Consultancy

Wondering how to start an HR consulting business?

Yes, there’s a lot to consider after the global pandemic but there’s a lot to be optimistic about too.

Even with the rise of HR Tech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, there is still a huge market for new start-up HR consultancies to help employers get the best out of their workforce.

There is plenty of potential business out there in all aspects of HR consulting, including generalist HR consulting, recruitment & selection, employee engagement, training, learning & development, employment law, and so on.

Below are 6 steps to guide you as you think about how to start your own Human Resources consulting business.

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Growing The Predictive Index

In 1942, twenty-six-year-old Arnold Daniels volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Corps. Shipped off to England, he was placed as a flight navigator and his team soon logged more than 30 missions—all without a single combat casualty.

When commanders noted the team’s record, they sent a psychologist in to work with Daniels—to study just what made their teamwork so successful.

This was Daniels’ first introduction to psychometric testing, and what would become a lifetime passion: solving business problems through the lens of understanding individuals.

After the war, he returned to Boston, where he briefly attended Harvard to study workplace psychology. In 1952 he released the first Predictive Index Assessment.


In 1955, Daniels founded PI Worldwide (now called The Predictive Index).

The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ was created through a normative sample of thousands of people and has since been the subject of nearly 500 validation studies. It has received continual updates and today represents a well-established, business-relevant, and scientifically-proven measure of behavioral tendencies in the workplace.

Over six decades since, thousands of organizations have used The Predictive Index in nearly every job and industry around the world.

The Predictive Index helps businesses and organizations all over the globe overcome workplace challenges through a unique blend of scientific behavioral assessments, groundbreaking software, exceptional management training, and professional consulting from the world’s top workplace behavior specialists.

In short, The Predictive Index helps companies understand how their people think and work to help employees maximize their productivity.

The Predictive Index helps more than 8,000 clients across 142 countries; I’ve used it many times in different countries myself, so I was delighted to be joined on the podcast by the CEO of Predictive Index, Mike Zani.

Mike-Zani profile
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How To Become A Freelance HR Consultant

The global pandemic has caused great chaos and uncertainty and has caused many HR professionals to look into how to become a freelance HR consultant.

Here are 7 steps to follow if you are wondering how to become a freelance HR consultant.

  1. Identify your core strengths and preferences.
  2. Understand your ultimate motivators and drivers.
  3. Clearly identify your target market (don’t be too general).
  4. Have savings and/or find a way to access cash fast.
  5. Build an online presence and network right now.
  6. Plan your marketing strategy (don’t just rely on referrals).
  7. Start executing the plan.

Check out HR Consultant Bootcamp

You’ll also find links to several resources that will help get you started on your journey to becoming a freelance Human Resources consultant.

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Growing Silver Cloud HR

Silver Cloud HR works with organisations of all sizes to transform their HR and payroll processes.

As a whole-of-market HR technology consultancy, they deal with a wide range of HR, payroll, and associated systems, including CoreHR, Sage People, SelectHR, iTrent, SAP SuccessFactors, ADP, Peoplesoft, Workday and more.

The CEO and Founder of Silver Cloud HR, Helen Armstrong, joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

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Growing An HR Consultancy – Shiluvah

Kulani Shiluvane is an inspiring entrepreneur, speaker, and HR business leader. Her business, Shiluvah, is based in Johannesburg in South Africa and is a successful Human Resource and Labour Law consultancy which offers dynamic, customised, and integrated people management solutions.

Kulani Shiluvane profile

In this quick Q&A, Kulani kindly shares how she is busy growing an HR consultancy.

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You may also like this post on ways to boost profit: 45 Ways To Make Your HR Consulting Business More Profitable.

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Over to you, Kulani!

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