I’ve spoken with many HR Consultants and a common theme is a desire for retainers and recurring income.

Today on A Better HR Business I look at one way HR consultants in the UK can do this by partnering with Breathe, an HR software designed for SMEs in the UK.

breathe - hr software in the uk

I chatted with Georgina Sillett (Strategic Partnership Manager) and Nick Hardy (Content Marketing Manager) at Breathe about:

  • A quick overview of the HRIS SaaS company, Breathe – what it does and who it helps.
  • How Breathe has positioned itself in the HR software market.
  • Breathe has produced a lot of educational/marketing content. What are Breathe’s top 20% most popular pieces of content?
  • Explanation of Breathe’s partnership types. How could an HR consultant or an HR Tech firm partner with Breathe? What gets paid, how is it tracked, etc?
  • What about partnership marketing opportunities? (Co-written books, webinars, etc)
  • What challenges or changes do they see in the HR industry in the near future? What are the hot topics people should follow?
  • And plenty more.
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