Welcome to Week 1! Business Self-Assessment / Positioning & Services

Welcome to HR Consultant Bootcamp!

You’re joining a small group of consultants where you’ll get focussed support and advice to make 2020 a great year for your HR business.

Self-Assessment Questionnaire

This is an honest self-assessment of yourself and your business (you can keep the results to yourself but, either way, it will be very powerful).

Please find a quiet space and answer the following self-assessment questionnaire: Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

NOTE: Mandy and Ben will automatically get a copy of your answers.

Week 1 – Training

Let’s get started!

Here’s what you need to do now:

  1. Complete your Business Self-Assessment form.
  2. Watch these videos below.
  3. Work on the activities described in the videos before the Thursday Q&A session.
  4. Bring questions to the Q&A Zoom call (preferably send them in ahead of time so we can think about it). Can’t attend the Q&A call live? No problem – email in your questions and then watch the replay.

Business Self-Assessment

Please find a quiet space and answer the following self-assessment questionnaire: Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

Why Position Your HR Consulting Business?

When starting your HR business, pick a target audience first!

Most come up with an idea, a solution first, then hunt for an audience to sell it to afterward. And they make it tough on themselves.

I believe an HR business should always start with the audience (e.g. small businesses, HR leaders, non-profit associations, etc.) for your HR business or consulting in mind first…and then come up with a solution to a problem they’re looking to solve.

It’s 1000% easier to sell a solution to a specific audience than to come up with a solution then try to search the right audience.


Understand Your HR Client Avatar

Segmenting Your HR Business & Target Market

Define Your HR Consulting Services

Week 1 – Workbook

Please work through the activities and thinking exercises in the workbook before the Thursday Q&A session on Zoom.

Week 1 Workbook (Editable slides version)

Week 1 Workbook (PDF version).

Week 1 – Optional Extras

Here is some optional reading and extra material to help you this week.

Video Interview: Simon Nash on how he packages HR consulting service.

Podcast Interview: Catherine Mattice-Zundel started her HR consultancy at home and now has 9 staff with amazing clients. She highly recommends narrowing your business focus. Catherine also developed a low-price information product in order to bring people to her product/service ladder. Full show notes coming soon here.

Any Questions?

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Great to see you here!

Mandy and Ben

Mandy & Ben