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(HR-related = General HR, Recruitment, D&I, Compensation & Benefits, Org Design, Employee Engagement, etc)

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The free guide and resources are being provided by ‘A Better HR Business’ – the HR business growth podcast that helps companies in the HR space to start & grow faster and easier.

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About The Podcast: A Better HR Business

Host of the A Better HR Business podcast - Ben Geoghegan
Host of the ‘A Better HR Business’ podcast – Ben Geoghegan

The ‘A Better HR Business‘ podcast looks at how consultants and tech firms in the HR field start & grow their businesses; and how they help employers get the best out of their people (‘HR’ covers L&D, generalist HR, Comp & Benefits, Employee Engagement, Recruitment, DEI&B, etc). 

The show is hosted by Ben Geoghegan, a career HR professional and HR consulting business owner. Ben has helped grow hundreds of HR businesses around the world through the HR Business Accelerator process. 

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