The HR Business Accelerator is for people who have already set up and are now running their own small businesses in the broad ‘HR’ field.

FYI: For us, the ‘HR’ includes Generalist HR, Recruitment, L & D, Employment Law, Comp & Benefits, D&I / DEI&B, Employee Engagement, etc.

Let’s Build A Business That’s Right For You

The HR Business Accelerator is for motivated professionals in any part of the HR field who want:

  • Create an exciting consulting business with an incredible mentorship and guidance process.
  • Package and sell their pre-existing expertise as a consultant.
  • More flexibility and work-life balance while still producing an excellent income.
  • People who may have already done a generic training course about marketing a business but found that it wasn’t really focused on the HR world and on their specific HR situation (unlike the HR Business Accelerator which is specifically for HR-related businesses).
  • Commit to the process of building an HR-related business and wants their hand held to create a $100k, $200k, $300k, (or bigger) business.
Ana Josefina González de la Cruz - profile
Ana Josefina Gonzalez

“Thank you very much, Ben. My team and I have made many positive changes to our HR consulting business and we are already winning new large corporate clients as a result of your advice and expertise.

Ana Josefina Gonzalez
Founder and CEO
Core HR

Why People Join The HR Business Accelerator

Over the years, we’ve found there are a few main reasons why HR business owners join the HR Business Accelerator instead of finding help elsewhere (or doing nothing).

  • Want to get clarity on products & services – This is a big one. All sales & marketing flows from having complete clarity on what your products and services do for your target market and how they work. Unlocking this is the key to strong marketing and having more confidence when going out to sell your services. People join us to gain that clarity and confidence.
  • Want to know which marketing strategies & tactics to focus on next – There are a hundred different ways you can market an HR business – not all of them are right for your business. HR business owners are experts in the field of HR, not in marketing. They want some help selecting the right marketing methods for their business and then some help implementing the methods properly.
  • Want to get ‘unstuck’ – Many people running solo or small HR businesses feel a little stuck and unsure of what to do next. They post some things on LinkedIn, attend networking events, and so on, but nothing’s really clicked for them yet. They know their stuff, they know they can help employers solve workplace problems, but their business isn’t zooming along like it should. They want some help getting unstuck and getting that momentum back again.
  • Want help to beat mental blocks, self-sabotage, and/or imposter syndrome – It’s hard switching from an important job in a busy office to sitting by yourself working on the laptop at the kitchen table. Doubt starts to creep in and, before too long, you’re procrastinating, dithering, or doing small ‘administrative tasks’ that do nothing to build your business. Then fear sets in and the procrastination gets worse. Sales calls go nowhere and your calendar sits empty. Some people join us because they want to step out of this fear and procrastination and start feeling confident in their expertise again.
  • Want to grow faster and/or grow in a sustainable way – Some people are getting some wins and are building a good business. However, as the song says, ‘”Mo money, mo problems”. Some people want expert advice on how to better allocate their time, money, and resources to grow in a structured, sustainable way. This may involve hiring staff, outsourcing, strategic partnerships, reducing their role in the business, creating products, and so on. They want ideas, expertise, and clear advice on how to make it happen.

Recharge and gain fresh new ideas every month with group chats and live Q&A sessions. 

Take action. Have some fun  🙂

You’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve got me and other successful HR business owners on your side.

Tiaan Dwyer
Tiaan Dwyer

“Working with Ben was the best decision I could have made for me and for my HR business. Thank you, Ben, for sharing all your knowledge and experience.” 

Tiaan Dwyer
Managing Director
FIC Consulting HR, Payroll, & Labour

How It Works

The HR Business Accelerator is a private online group for people starting or running a business in the HR industry.

(HR = Employee engagement, recruitment, training & development, HR consulting, employment law, outplacement, etc).

There are 4 core elements:

1. Marketing Plan Deep-Dive: A one-to-one kick-off call with Ben Geoghegan on Zoom to create your own tailored business marketing plan specifically for your new HR-related business. We’ll do a deep dive into your current situation, challenges, and goals. We’ll identify your sales & marketing assets, processes, results, and goals so we can come up with a rock-solid plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

2. On-Demand Training & Playbooks and Monthly Live Q&A Sessions): Keep making progress with bite-sized on-demand training modules (in written and video format), and monthly Q&A sessions (these are recorded if you can’t attend).

3. Resources & Business Growth Goodies (Available Now): Enjoy new resources to use in making your HR business better and stronger. These include habit trackers to keep you on the right track, an automated To-Do list in the online portal to keep you organized, ChatGPT prompts to make things much easier, marketing templates, and much more.

4. Online Group (Text-Based) Discussion: Share your HR business-related questions, thoughts, or feelings in the chat group to get answers, feedback, and support from me and from other HR business owners who are facing similar challenges. We have monthly Zoom calls too but the online chat is the focus as this is more flexible for everyone – with a chat group, you aren’t tied to a specific time when you must be at your computer.

Jeanette Verhovany

“The HR Business Accelerator is an outstanding resource for helping HR consultants with any aspect in the Human Resource field which is why I highly recommend Ben without reservation. Ben’s information is not only fresh, but useful and 100% proven effective.”

Jeanette Verhovany
Founder and CEO
Virtual HR Canada

HR companies we have helped with HR marketing
Some of the HR-related companies we have helped with HR marketing.

You’ll Also Enjoy The Group Discussion Area

You will learn from me and from the others in the group.

The others will learn from you too!

The group discussions and support will keep you moving forward in the right direction every month.

We have monthly Zoom calls too but the online chat is the focus as this is more flexible for everyone – you aren’t tied to a specific time when you must be at your computer.

Share your HR business-related questions, thoughts, or feelings in the chat group to get answers, feedback, and support from me and from other consultants who are facing similar challenges.

You can also view other people’s questions (and the answers) in your feed.

HR business owners like you email me every week from around the world.

Here are just some of the questions I’ve answered recently via email, on Q&A calls, and in my podcast (and will start answering in the discussion group):

  • “I have just created an online interview training program. Who should I sell it to?
  • How do I come up with a price for a brand new service I’ve been asked to deliver?”
  • “Does my LinkedIn profile look right to you?”
  • “I have decided to start my own HR consulting firm. Where do I start?
  • I am feeling very stuck. I’m getting no answers from people I contact about my service and I don’t know what to do next.”
  • “I’m feeling very excited! I got asked to give a webinar for a friend’s company. Any advice on how to make the best of the opportunity?
  • “How do I deal with prospective clients who don’t want to take my legal compliance advice? They’re just opening themselves up to litigation but they’re not doing anything about it.”
  • “I am trying to decide whether I should go the generalist route or whether to identify a niche. It’s difficult because I’m in a generalist role.”
  • “…should I focus on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (or something else!) to meet new business owners?”
  • “… writing the text for my website. Do you have any strategies or approaches you’d recommend?”

How The HR Business Accelerator Will Help You

If you’re running your own business, you may be feeling nervous, excited, apprehensive, or even a little overwhelmed. Maybe all of these emotions and more.

Don’t worry.

We’ve helped hundreds of HR consultants around the world to start and grow their own successful businesses – this group will help you too.

The HR Business Accelerator group will help you if you want:

  • You want a step-by-step system to follow to market and grow your HR business.
  • You want to get high-value clients who understand and appreciate your expertise (not cheapskate complainers).
  • You want to avoid the feast or famine cycle that can blight a new HR business and have a steady, repeatable system to bring in HR clients in a predictable way.
  • You want to be able to focus on your consulting work, not endless marketing tasks that never seem to gain any permanent traction.
  • You want flexibility and control over your own life, including when and where you work.
  • You want uncapped earnings that are not determined by your employer’s rating scale and salary budget.
  • You want help from HR business growth experts who understand your business.

Everything You Get

You’ll have everything you need in the HR Business Accelerator.

ONLINE GROUP Q&A & DISCUSSION FORUM – Ask your questions, share your ups and downs, find new business partners, have a few laughs, and more.

The discussion forum is brand new so I’ll need your help to get the party started and the discussion flowing!

Other things you’ll love in the HR Business Accelerator:

HR Business Accelerator Model
  • Marketing Plan Deep-Dive – a one-to-one Zoom kick-off call with Ben Geoghegan to create your own tailored business marketing plan specifically for your new HR-related business. We’ll do a deep dive into your current situation, challenges, and goals. We’ll identify your sales & marketing assets, processes, results, and goals so we can come up with a rock-solid plan to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.
  • A core framework to follow (Who, What, Where, How, When). You’ll identify your ideal target market, your service offerings, and your pricing. You’ll then build a simple marketing plan where you will choose two or three main marketing channels/methods to focus on. Each week, you’ll review your progress for the month so far using the progress review worksheets.
  • Bite-sized training on key concepts, strategies & tactics for growing a successful HR-related business. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our clients say that these modules and playbooks on their own are worth the investment.
  • Chat GPT Prompts for you to copy & paste straight into the AI tool to get excellent marketing material you can use straight away. Even if you’ve never even of ChatGPT, we’ve made it super simple. If you can copy & paste, you’ll be able to do this.
  • Automated online To-Do List task tracking to easily keep track of tasks flowing from your marketing plan.
  • Recommended reading, templates, resource lists, and case study videos on all aspects of running an HR-related business, including services, software, books, podcasts, and more.

About Us (Get More HR Clients)

We live & breathe HR marketing.

Around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended our HR business growth online conference.

We only help people from the broad HR field to launch and grow successful HR-related businesses.

You’re dealing with HR marketing specialists. Now it’s time for us to help you using a process we call the HR Business Accelerator.

As a former HR professional and HR consultant now-turned-marketing expert for companies in the HR sector, I have helped hundreds of businesses around the world in the HR sector to launch and/or grow faster and easier.

I’m looking forward to speaking with you about co-creating your business launch & growth plan to give you the best chance possible of building a highly successful HR-related business.


Ready to get a little extra help and motivation to create the type of business and life you want and deserve?

Request A ‘Work With Us’ Call (North America & Europe)

If you are in North America or Europe, you can request a short onboarding Zoom call now.

Please note: We are currently only working with people in North America and Europe (due to time zones, etc).

Apply for an onboarding call now.

All the best,

how to market your hr firm

Ben Geoghegan
Founder of Get More HR Clients
Host of the HR marketing podcast: A Better HR Business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

“What do you mean by ‘HR consultants’ or ‘HR businesses’?”

By ‘HR’, we mean any area of the broad Human Resources function, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.

“Will this work for my location?”

Yes, we’ve successfully helped hundreds of HR consultants around the world to start and grow their businesses on pretty much every continent – not Antarctica yet 🙂
We are currently helping HR-related consultancies and HR Tech companies right across the US, in Canada, Australia, the UK, and beyond. More importantly, we’ve helped hundreds of different types of HR businesses, including Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.

“How will I get access?”

We’ve created a special online portal that contains everything. After purchase, you’ll be emailed details. You’ll then have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the portal, you’ll find all the playbooks, training resources, habit trackers, your specific online To-Do list, and more.

“How long do I have access to the program information”

You’ll have access for as long as you’re subscribed. You’ll be able to dive into the program as soon as you register and you’ll have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Is the HR Business Accelerator going to cover what I need?”

Yes, this program is comprehensive and flexible enough to answer your questions and give you what you need.
Examples of things you may be wondering about include: Not knowing where to start on developing a marketing plan. How to find new clients? All the technical and admin details such as websites, finance management, How much to charge? How to convince businesses to work with you? How to make a success of your HR consultancy?
This program will answer all these questions and more. You’ll get your own plan tailored to you, your strengths, your preferences, and your goals.

“Am I locked into membership?”

No, membership is on a monthly basis. There’s no long-term commitment.

“How will I know this will work for me?”

If you are tired of where you are now, need the confidence to create an amazing HR-related business, AND are ready to put in the work to make a change, you will see a difference. Unsure about my methods? Read the client success feedback on this page and listen to my podcast (many are clients or successful former clients).

“Is the HR Business Accelerator very time-consuming?”

Nope. We’re constantly looking for ways to make things easier for you.
An example: In years gone by, training programs were all about how many training videos there were. Now, we’ve stripped our videos back to be fewer, shorter, and more of a supplement than the main meal. This means you’re not sitting around watching long boring videos when you should be out there winning new business.
Another example: We might decide that you should write some content on your website or post something on LinkedIn. Ok, but let’s make it faster and easier for you. So, we’ve included a number of very helpful ChatGPT prompts which are tailored to the HR market and to your new business.
Our goal is to make the program super helpful and easy to use.

“How much time should I plan to invest?”

Remember that “implementers get results.” Plan to put as much into the group as you hope to get out of it. The more time you spend in the training modules and playbooks and engaging with Ben and others in the group, the more value you will receive from your membership. The content is set up like an on-demand platform, watch what you need/want when you need/want it. Ask questions! There is so much goodness to uncover by being a member of the HR Business Accelerator group.

“I’m worried about staying motivated and accountable.”

Yep, that’s a big one and that’s what makes the HR Business Accelerator so good. Good on you! You’ve already recognized this as being an area to keep an eye on. You’re not alone in these concerns. Ben was similar and we’ve helped many others in the same boat. That’s why we’ve built special accountability and motivation elements into the program. This includes online habit trackers, an automated To-Do list, a special module on self-sabotage, and more.
We’re humans, not robots (yet!). So, we’re giving you information and resources but we’re also giving you the support you need to make your new venture a great success.

“Why should I join now rather than come back later?”

There are a few key reasons:
1. The HR Business Accelerator covers marketing tactics but, more importantly, it also covers strategy which is always better done early. Some consultants have gone done the wrong path before joining the program which we’ve then had to help them sort out before they could start achieving real business success. Even small stuff like what to write on your LinkedIn profile is affected by the strategic decisions we make – so let’s make those strategic decisions now.
2. The longer you leave it, the more crowded the market gets and the harder it is to cut through the noise to find your ideal types of clients. Start now and you’ll achieve momentum and success sooner.
3. The program’s price has increased several times before and may be increasing again soon so you’ll save money by joining now.
4. If you don’t do it now, will you really come back later or will life get in the way? Compare this small investment in your success to a potential upside of $£€50K, $£€100K, or more in additional revenue that may result from having a better marketing plan in place.
5. We may cap the number of members. We reserve the right to close the program to future participants. Get in while it’s still available.

“Why should I join the HR Business Accelerator?”

The HR Business Accelerator will give you everything you need to build a successful HR consulting business.
You’ll have everything you need: Knowledge, support, feedback, resources, and a solid action plan.
Most important of all, you’ll now have the confidence to grow a successful HR consulting business that you deserve.
We’re obsessed with helping HR professionals like you to confidently and successfully grow your own healthy, profitable HR business.