Partnering is easily one of the best ways to grow a business in the Human Resources industry.

Thanks to everyone who helped us to compile this list of HR-related businesses (including Tech and consultants) that are open to partnering.

Special thanks go to Ward Christman and the team at HR Tech Alliances – do check out their next excellent virtual meetup.

We hope the list will prove useful to you and your HR business during these difficult times.

What Is The List?

This isn’t a database with extended company profiles and video presentations. It’s what it says on the tin – a list.

The list is an easy, ready-to-scan spreadsheet listing around 700 HR companies and consultants that are known to partner with other businesses.

Want to add your business to the list?

You can add your business (or change details) here.

How To Use The HR Partnerships List

We know from our HR clients and from our HR business podcast guests that partnerships come in many forms:

  • Co-marketing on white papers, guest webinars, etc.
  • Paid and unpaid referrals.
  • Marketplace integration.
  • Cross-selling products & services.
  • Offering products and services on the back-end of a sale.
  • And more.

Want Some Help?

If you’d like some help putting together an HR marketing partnership or joint business venture together, feel free to get in touch here.

You can also listen to this discussion on how to put a joint venture together.

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