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Things To Remember

Please note the following:

  1. Please bookmark this page or make a note of the page address.
  2. I absolutely want you to get the most you possibly can out of this workshop so I have a special bonus for you: a one-to-one coaching call where you and I will discuss anything you want about your marketing and business growth plan. Details below.
  3. If you struggle to understand and remember everything we cover – just focus on the core principles – they will guide through your decisions.
  4. Do the work and reap the benefits. It took me years of making most mistakes you can think of to finally discover what works and what doesn’t. Use my experience as a shortcut and get to your end goals faster.
  5. Unsure about something? Ask. I will record an FAQ video in a week or two.
  6. Be proud of your decision to go into business for yourself. You have so much knowledge, wisdom, and experience. Let’s get you out there helping as many great employers as we can!

Your HR consulting skills

Workshop Training Video

Watch the workshop presentation video and use the resources to take action today!

The video is 2 hours and is divided into four main parts:

  1. Positioning
  2. Your Marketing Funnel (52:40)
  3. Fill The Funnel (1:14:42)
  4. Your Action Plan (2:08:00)

Let’s get into it!


More resources will be added to the folder here.

NEW: Referrals Planner (Hot 30 Referrers spreadsheet) – You can do really well with just five or six good referrers who regularly send strong business leads your way. However, Pareto’s 80/20 law says that only 20% of your contacts will bring in 80% of your referrals. So how do you manage that? By having enough possible referrers so that at least one in five will refer you new clients. To make it happen, you need to keep in touch with them and build a relationship. Use this planner to keep track of your Hot 30 referrers list – the 30 people to maintain relationships with so that one in five of them regularly refer you new clients.

NEW: Interview With LinkedIn ExpertHere’s an as-yet-unreleased podcast episode on how to get more clients from LinkedIn with expert, Nigel Cliffe.

Workshop slidesdownload them here to take notes.

Link to video presentation file (big file!) – If you want to download the video and watch it offline, download it here. Warning – it is a 200mb file!

Positioning Workbook – Let’s identify your ideal types of clients and then position your business so that they find you super attractive. Click here for the Google Sheets version. Click here for an Excel version.

Lead Magnet (Ebook or Report) Template – Find a hot topic, write something that helps answer your prospect’s questions, put it into an ebook or report, and save it as a PDF. Your prospective client exchanges their email address for the ebook/report which you automatically deliver to them via email using Mailerlite or a similar service. Click here for the Google Slides version or click here for PowerPoint version.

Resources (Coming Soon)

  • Lead nurture email sequence template.
  • Client Referrals Action Plan – Most consultants get most of their business from referrals but it’s all random. Let’s put a system in place.
  • LinkedIn message examples.
  • Partnership Marketing – Brainstorming worksheet.

Bonus Content

Get your pen ready as I grill sales expert, Adam Hankin, about how to sell HR services.

In this as yet unreleased podcast episode, Adam and I talk about:

  • If you were starting out as a new HR consultant, what would be your plan of attack to get new clients?
  • What’s your advice on how to approach a potential client?
  • Any thoughts on the best way for a consultant to approach their former employers?
  • If a consultant gets a meeting with a potential new client, how do you suggest they run the meeting?
  • HR consultants usually don’t have sales experience. What’s your advice on handling objections?
  • A lot of consultants are scared to ask for the sale. Can you explain what this is and what advice do you have?
  • How to handle fear in sales?
  • How to handle Follow-up and when potential clients ‘go dark’?

Click here to listen to the sales discussion.

Your Questions

I will record another video to answer FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) so please send them in 🙂

Coaching Call

Your One-To-One Coaching Call

There’s a lot to take in so let’s catch up to work out your exact marketing plan.

Important: Please make sure you fill in all resources before we talk and send them to me at least 24 hours before our call.

You can book your coaching call here.

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