Do you love helping your clients but hate selling? If so, you’ll love this video.

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I recently had Reuben Swartz, founder of Mimiran (the CRM for people who love serving clients but hate selling) as a guest on my A Better HR Business podcast.

Reuben created the Mimiran CRM to make it easier for service-oriented firms to sell without having to be “sales-y”, and started the Sales for Nerds podcast so that other people could learn the easy way, instead of the way he learned.

Reuben and I are going to show you some easy ways to improve your sales pipeline and get more HR clients.

Special Offer From Reuben

Mimiran: If you’d like a free trial of Mimiran and then get 10% off, use the referral code: MOREHR

Sales Training: Reuben also hosts a fabulous podcast and an online sales training course for consultants – you can check it out here.

Sales Podcast: Reuben is also the host and Chief Nerd on the excellent Sales for Nerds Podcast.

Podcast Interview With Reuben Swartz of Mimiran

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Enjoy the show!