Today on A Better HR Business I dive into remarketing advertising with Carl Buckley.

How to improve your Google Adwords PPC campaign for HR customers - Carl

Carl and I previously talked on my Get More HR Clients blog about how to get more HR clients from Google Adwords.

Today, we examine retargeting.

Most people have a general idea of retargeting or remarketing – it’s those ads that follow you around the internet.

We talked about:

  • What is retargeting?
  • Where can you run retargeting campaigns? Which platforms? (including Google Ads, Facebook, Adroll, etc) Which ones are the best?
  • Is it best to run retargeting campaigns directly on a platform or through an intermediary service? 
  • What are the steps involved in setting up a new retargeting campaign from scratch and how do you allocate budget?
  • How can someone get the creative designed for the ads?
  • What are some examples or ideas for more advanced, more sophisticated retargeting campaigns?
  • How to fix an expensive, under-performing campaign?
  • Special suggestions for HR consultants and HR tech companies.
  • And more.

If you want to take advantage of retargeting, get in touch here.

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