Marketing has gotten more complicated and challenging ever since the pandemic began…

  • Budgets have been squeezed.
  • The internet is way more crowded.
  • People are no longer available in the office as much as they used to be.
  • More new SaaS companies are entering the HR market.

During these challenging times, it can be good to get some external help and perspective.

I’ve helped dozens of HR businesses around the world to build and expand their HR marketing operations to bring in high-value clients.

Whether it’s acquiring new leads and customers through LinkedIn, email campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, virtual summits, inbound marketing, social media, strategic partnerships, or something else, we can put the right plan in place together.

Have a particular business growth challenge? I live & breathe HR marketing.

Adam Hankin

Ben is super knowledgeable in the HR & marketing space and he knows how to get results.” Adam Hankin, Head of Sales – Earned Wage Access at Revolut

How We Can Work Together

We can work together in three main ways. I can:

  1. Be your fractional Marketing Director. Develop and execute your marketing plan with your existing team and/or agencies.
  2. Coach and mentor your existing marketing talent. Guide your existing marketing team to bring out their best and achieve even better results for the business.
  3. Manage all or some of your marketing activities such as Google campaigns, podcast show, written content marketing, and more. My team helps HR Tech companies in a variety of ways that are always well-planned and well-connected.

Is This You?

My services work best for:

  • HR Tech companies & SaaS startups in the HR space (HR = OD, generalist HR, recruitment, L&D, employee engagement, D&I, etc).
  • HR-related companies that are looking for fresh ideas or an outside perspective on how to grow their business.
  • HR-related companies in North America and Europe (due to time zones and my main areas of focus, I am only working in these geographies for now).
  • Are ambitious to grow further.
  • Are open to being guided in the best methods and strategies to achieve their goals.

If that’s you, we should talk.

I Know HR

During my 18 years of experience in the Human Resources field as an HR Manager for international companies as well as being an HR consultant, I have:

  • Hired thousands of employees around the world.
  • Onboarded thousands of employees.
  • Reviewed and purchased many HR software/SaaS products.
  • Conducted training sessions on workplace productivity, operations management, employee engagement, and more.
  • Terminated employment of hundreds of employees around the world for performance, behavior, or redundancy.
  • Sourced staff development programs.
  • Managed international staff and their global mobility packages.
  • Given speeches to employers and employees on various staff management topics.
  • And much more.

I Know Marketing

I’m a rare breed: An HR professional for 18 years as an HR Manager and running my own HR consultancy.

Ben talk

I love HR and all that it brings to the workplace.

However . . .

Over time, I realized that I love marketing and building businesses even more.

That’s why I love being a fractional Marketing Director/CMO for HR companies.

I’m a marketing & business growth expert who only works with HR companies like yours.

Week in, week out, I study what successful HR businesses around the world are doing to grow faster.

  • Email
  • Google Ads
  • Podcasting
  • Advertising in HR media
  • Online conference 
  • Thought Leadership
  • Facebook Ads
  • Webinars 
  • Deep Dive Articles
  • SEO 
  • Referrals & Networking
  • Video
  • Offline
  • PR
  • YouTube Ads
  • Engineering as Marketing
  • Trade Shows
  • Offline Events
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Speaking Engagements

Oliver Anderson

“Thank you, Ben. You have helped us considerably. I can’t thank you enough.” Oliver Anderson, Chief Executive Officer – 10x Psychology

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