The HR Podcast Power Service

Let Ben and his team launch and manage a new podcast show for your HR business with our done-for-you HR Podcast Power service.

(HR = Recruitment, training & development, employee engagement, HR consulting, employment law, outplacement, etc).

Why Start A Podcast?

A podcast is a great way to create your own simple, scalable, repeatable marketing system that consistently attracts high-value prospective new clients for your HR business.

Your new podcast will:

  • Attract the type of positive clients you want.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Give you fresh new marketing content to share on LinkedIn, email, blogs, and elsewhere.
  • Bring you more inbound enquiries for your services.
  • Makes it much easier to sell your HR services – you no longer have to try to convince the other person as they already know you.
  • Reduce the length of your sales cycle. You start getting paid sooner.
  • You get asked to give speeches, write guest articles, go onto podcasts, present on webinars, and participate in other valuable promotional opportunities.
  • Ultimately, you get more clients for your HR services.

How The HR Podcast Power Service Works

You barely need to lift a finger when it comes to our HR Podcast Power service.

We will:

  • Develop your podcast launch plan.
  • Help you choose your podcast name.
  • Help you map out your plan for topics and guests.
  • Create your podcast brand identity.
  • Hire and manage voiceover talent.
  • Select theme music.
  • Write your Intro and Outro scripts.
  • Design your podcast artwork.
  • Set up your podcast hosting site.
  • Help you find and attract great guests for your show.
  • Give you question sets and prompts to use when interviewing guests.
  • Professionally edit your episodes every week.
  • Write high-quality, keyword-rich short articles for each episode.
  • Register and syndicate your new show to iTunes.
  • Register and syndicate your new show Spotify.
  • Register and syndicate your new show to Google Podcasts.
  • Register and syndicate your new show to Stitcher.
  • Give you promotional copy to share new episodes on LinkedIn.
  • Give you promotional quote images to share on LinkedIn and social media.
  • Give you promotional mini audio clips to share on LinkedIn and social media.
  • Give you promotional copy to share new episodes with your email list.
  • Provide strategic advice on how to further use your podcast for branding and business development opportunities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Is a podcast a lot of work? A. Yes, but not for you. You (or your team members) simply turn up to a Zoom call and have a chat. We do all the rest.

Q. How often should we release new episodes? A. Weekly is the most common frequency. Monthly is too rare and daily tends to get a bit much for people. It’s up to you though.

Q. Should we do in-house only episodes, interviews with external guests, or both? A. We recommend doing both. In-house episodes to show off your insights and expertise; external guests to grow your network with influential industry leaders and potential new clients.

Q. What should we ask our guests? A. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with that. You’ll never be left not knowing what to say or do.

Q. Can we invite clients and prospective clients onto the show? A. Absolutely, great idea! A podcast conversation is an excellent way to build a business relationship.

Q. Can we do anything else with the episodes? A. Definitely! Just one podcast episode will give you lots of interesting material which we can re-use on LinkedIn, email, and elsewhere. We can produce interesting blog articles, quote images, short audio clips, and more from one episode. A podcast is such an effective way of raising your business profile so you stand out from the crowd.

Why Work With Ben & Team

  • You’re dealing with an HR industry marketing specialist. Ben’s from the HR industry and only works with ambitious HR-related consulting businesses.
  • Week in, week out, we study what successful HR businesses around the world are doing to grow faster (see our HR business growth podcast).
  • You’ll be part of our extensive network. For example, around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended our online HR business growth conference.

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