I recently ran a free Q&A training session on the 5-step process to build a successful HR-related business in 2024.

You can watch the replay down below on this page.

During the training session on Zoom, you will learn:

Host of the A Better HR Business podcast - Ben Geoghegan
Training Session Leader: Ben Geoghegan
  • A clear 5-step process to use to grow your own HR-related business.
  • Practical examples and lessons from successful HR consulting startups.
  • Answers to the most commonly asked questions about growing a business in the HR sector.

Enjoy the session! (Scroll down)

All the best,

how to market your hr firm

Ben Geoghegan
Founder of Get More HR Clients
Host of the HR marketing podcast: A Better HR Business.
Connect with Ben on LinkedIn here.

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