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Hi there,

In light of the global health crisis, I thought it might be helpful to run a special, free online coaching session on how to market and grow an HR consultancy.

Join me for a free ‘Ask Me Anything’ Zoom call where I’ll answer your marketing questions about growing your HR business.

Many Withers

Even better, I’ll be joined by my HR Consultant Bootcamp co-host, Mandy Withers so you’ll get double the expertise on the call.

Questions sent in to be answered include:

  • How can you position yourself to get new business in these turbulent times without feeling guilty?
  • My clients have all cancelled… what next. I have spent 10 years building my business and it has been wiped out in the space of two weeks.
  • coming across as capitalising off back of a crisis
  • As of today our country is on 21 days lockdown. What can I do during this time as an HR Consulting firm that is only a few months old to grow and survive during the next few months?
  • How i keep my business with client? all of my client are stopped now, since the government communicate more draconian measure the client call and stop.
  • How to get past the “we don’t have a budget to spend on anything right now” response.
  • How can i position myself so clients still see my solutions as important to their business despite reduced revenue and potential layoffs.

Watch The Replay Now

The Q&A session has ended.

You can watch the reply right now – use the form to get the link.

We will take down the relay in a couple of days.

See you soon đŸ™‚

All the best,

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