Do you run a medium-sized consultancy or agency (5 – 50 staff) in the HR industry?

(HR = Recruitment, training & development, employee engagement, HR consulting, employment law, outplacement, etc).

(Not a medium-sized business? Solo consultants – see here).

Do you need help finding and winning more clients for your medium-sized business in the Human Resources industry?

That’s what I do.

Your Business Is Facing A Problem . . .

The HR market has become saturated.

  • Unless you’re Josh Bersin, employers aren’t paying as much attention to your content marketing as they used to.
  • Information for business & HR leaders is everywhere and has become generic.
  • Your prospects ignore advertising or turn on ad blockers.
  • They hate getting cold email and cold LinkedIn messages.
  • The coronavirus shutdown has made online networking much more crowded – it’s much more difficult to get referrals.

It’s Also Difficult To Market Your Business When You’re So Busy

Here’s the reality: most people find it hard to keep marketing their business and producing valuable thought leadership content week in, week out.

After all:

  • You’re busy doing your day-to-day work.
  • You’re busy doing all the usual admin tasks that we all love to hate.
  • You’re busy trying to enjoy a life outside of work too.

How I Help Agencies & Consultancies In The HR Industry

I help consultancies & agencies in the HR industry on a done-for-you basis.

  1. Select the right marketing channels and positioning for your business.
  2. Manage your marketing so you can get back to fee-earning work.
  3. Provide strategic advice.
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“Ben has taken our marketing and lead generation up to a whole new level. He’s delivered a powerful combination of strategy, execution, and iteration to help us reach new top-level clients. He continues to produce high-quality marketing campaigns.” Paul Smyth, Managing Director – Top Tier Recruitment

Done-For-You Marketing For The HR Industry

I provide done-for-you and done-with-you marketing services for consultancies and agencies in the HR industry (recruitment, general HR, employee engagement, L&D, etc).

My SCALE Model gives you a predictable, scalable framework to grow your business.

The SCALE Model

I can implement the SCALE Model for you or can guide you through it.

Either way, your business will be in a much stronger position.


A consulting firm in the HR industry was finding it difficult to stand out in a crowded market and reach any key decision-makers in large corporate employers. I developed a special marketing plan that put the company in touch with many HR and business leaders in their market. 

Furthermore, these leaders were happy to hear from them, unlike previous efforts where they had been seen as more of a nuisance. 

The strategy quickly brought in several new high-value projects and also got the company onto several previously closed Preferred Suppliers lists in highly-desirable target client companies.

You can incorporate a mix of the following services:

  1. Thought Leadership/Content Marketing: Produce highly engaging content in formats such as blog articles, podcasts, ‘lead magnets’ (ebooks, checklists, etc) that bring new sales prospects into the lead nurture funnel.
  2. PPC: Pay Per Click campaigns such as Google Ads for keywords and retargeting.
  3. Paid Social Media: Ads on Facebook (and elsewhere) that can be aimed at ‘cold’ and ‘warm’ audiences.
  4. LinkedIn Posts: Produce thoughtful, interesting LinkedIn posts to raise client profiles and generate more inbound sales leads.
  5. Email Marketing: Inbound and outbound emails and lead-nurture sequences that warm-up cold sales leads and convert them into new paying customers and clients.
  6. Podcast Management: Launch and ongoing management of your new podcast show (this includes all setup, finding guests, choosing topics for solo episodes, edits, releases, etc – you just turn up to a Zoom call at the appointed time).
  7. 3rd-Party Webinars: Launch and ongoing management of your third-party webinar campaign to get you and your expertise in front of other companies’ audiences – you just turn up to a Zoom call at the appointed time.
  8. Video Creation: Share your expertise with your ideal clients via short scripted videos. Perfect for LinkedIn.
Adam Hankin

Ben is super knowledgeable in the HR & marketing space and he knows how to get results.” Adam Hankin, GM – Ireland, Wagestream

Don’t Get Left Behind

Proactive content marketing is crucial for any HR-related business.

If you’re not actively and regularly sharing valuable insights with your target market, you will get left behind.


A recruitment firm wasn't having any luck reaching HR and hiring managers at target companies. 

I developed a marketing strategy that incorporated various marketing elements including a new industry podcast. 

After a well-planned launch and warm-up plan were put into play, the company began interviewing experts from the industry on the podcast. 

These interviews were responsible for many thousands in new revenue plus a very healthy new client pipeline. In addition, the company now had an ongoing source of high quality thought leadership content to share on LinkedIn, on their blog, and in email newsletters.

Here’s What Proactive Marketing Will Do For Your HR Business

Several things begin to happen when you demonstrate thought leadership by regularly sharing valuable insights with your target audience:

  • You get more inbound enquiries from business & inhouse HR leaders for your services.
  • It becomes much easier to sell your HR services – you no longer have to try to convince the other person.
  • Your sales cycle is reduced. You start getting paid sooner.
  • You get asked to give speeches, write guest articles, go onto podcasts, present on webinars, and participate in other valuable promotional opportunities.
  • Ultimately, you get more clients for your HR services.

A training company had decided to launch an e-learning product but, now that it was online, it was competing against a well-known e-learning company and so they were finding it difficult to bring enough sales prospects into their sales funnel. 

I developed a special 30-day marketing plan and an automated email series that could be turned on and off with the click of a button. 

The content plan brought in more than one thousand new sales prospects and a large proportion converting into paying clients.

Here’s How You’ll Benefit Personally

The outcomes you can expect when we’re working together include:

  • Higher-level work for you personally (less time on lower-level & sales tasks).
  • Better clients that you enjoy working with.
  • More new clients but with less work to acquire them.
  • More time for you as the business leader to spend on other things (like learning, time with family, strategic thinking, exercise, etc).

Why Work With Ben

  • You’re dealing with an HR industry marketing specialist. I’m from the HR industry and only work with ambitious HR-related consulting businesses.
  • Have a particular business growth challenge? I live & breathe HR marketing inside-out. Whether it’s acquiring new leads and customers through LinkedIn, email campaigns, pay-per-click campaigns, virtual summits, inbound marketing, social media, strategic partnerships, or something else, I’ve done it successfully before.
  • Week in, week out, I study what successful HR businesses around the world are doing to grow faster (see my HR business growth podcast).
  • You’ll be part of my extensive network. For example, around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended my online HR business growth conference.
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If you’re looking to expand your HR business, I recommend Ben and his expert advice.“ Robert Ebers, CEO – Workplace Stars


An HR consulting firm picked up a valuable new project with the very first email I wrote on their behalf. 

Unlike generic, bland company newsletters that all get instantly deleted, this quick email formed part of a coherent marketing strategy that raised the company's profile, brought in new business, and strengthened their relationship with existing clients on an ongoing basis.

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