(With All  The Advice & Support You Need)

The HR Business Accelerator is for people like you who want to take all your knowledge and experience and leave the corporate world to start your own successful independent consulting business in the broad ‘HR’ field.

(‘HR’ includes Generalist HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Employment Law, Compensation & Benefits, Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, etc.)

Why People Join The HR Business Accelerator

Over the years, we’ve found there are a few main reasons why HR folk join the HR Business Accelerator instead of finding help elsewhere (or doing nothing).

  • Want some guidance before resigning – It’s a big move to leave your job to start your own independent HR-related business. There’s a lot to consider and it can feel quite scary. People like you enjoy having other HR business founders around them for confidence, advice, and support.
  • Want to get ‘unstuck’ – Many people starting their own HR businesses feel a little stuck and unsure of what to do next. They’ve heard they need a website, a business name, and a few other things but then what? As HR pros, they know their stuff, they know they can help employers solve workplace problems, but starting a new business is a whole new thing altogether. They want some help getting unstuck and getting some momentum so they can come out of the gate fast and confident.
  • Want some clarity on products & services – This is a big one. All sales & marketing flows from having complete clarity on what your products and services do for your target market and how they work. Unlocking this is the key to strong marketing and having more confidence when going out to sell your services. People join us to gain that clarity and confidence.
  • Want to know which marketing strategies & tactics to focus on – There are a hundred different ways you can market an HR business – not all of them are right for your new business. HR business owners are experts in the field of HR, not in marketing. They want some help selecting the right marketing methods for their business and then some help implementing the methods properly.
  • Want some help getting past mental blocks, self-sabotage, and/or imposter syndrome – It’s hard switching from an important job in a busy office to sitting by yourself working on the laptop at the kitchen table. Doubt starts to creep in and, before too long, you’re procrastinating, dithering, or doing small ‘administrative tasks’ that do nothing to build your business. Then fear sets in and the procrastination gets worse. Sales calls go nowhere and your calendar sits empty. Some people join us because they want to step out of this fear and procrastination and start feeling confident in their expertise again.
  • Want to grow faster and/or grow in a sustainable way – Some people are getting some wins and are building a good business. However, as the song says, ‘”Mo money, mo problems”. Some people want expert advice on how to better allocate their time, money, and resources to grow in a structured, sustainable way. This may involve hiring staff, outsourcing, strategic partnerships, reducing their role in the business, creating products, and so on. They want ideas, expertise, and clear advice on how to make it happen.

You’ll feel more confident knowing you’ve got me and other successful HR business owners on your side.