When it comes to helping you find recommended HR consultancy businesses, we have two resources for you on this page:

Profiles of HR consultancy businesses around the world (from the podcast: A Better HR Business).

A spreadsheet listing HR consulting businesses and HR Tech businesses around the world.

HR consultancy businesses reviewed

List of HR Consultancy Businesses

(Featuring all types of consultancies in the broad Human Resources field)

  1. HR Consultancies in North America
  2. HR Consultancies in Europe
  3. HR Consultancies in Australia
  4. International HR Consultancies

HR Consultancy Businesses In North America

Episode 101 – Jeremy Lucabaugh of SEBOC
Episode 103 – Anthony Vaughan of Project 2030 (How Anthony launched a career development program for HR managers)
Episode 113 (US Employee Benefits) – Steve Watson of Trendbreakers
Episode 26: HR Tech Selection & Implementation Expert – Nov Omana
Episode 46 – (Workplace Behavior Consultancy) Catherine Mattice-Zundel of Civility Partners
Episode 47 (Leadership Development) Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership at FranklinCovey
Episode 48 (Diversity & Inclusion Consulting) Zakiya Mabery.
Episode 56 – (Employee Experience) Anthony Vaughan of E1B2 Collective
Episode 75 – Penny Morgan of Care Free HR Solutions
Episode 77 – Recruitment Business Leader Roundtable Discussion #3 with Will Thomson – Founder of Bulls Eye Recruiting (US) & Rob Hanna – Founder and Managing Director of KC Partners (UK), and more.
Episode 85 – Skip Weisman (Empowered Employee Expert).
Episode 88 – Manpreet Dhillon, CEO of Veza Global (Diversity & Inclusion Consulting & Tech)
Episode 91 – Henry Goldbeck – President of Goldbeck Recruiting
Episode 96 – Jenna Hinrichsen of Advanced RPO

HR Consultancies In Europe

Episode 57 – (HR Consulting & Membership) Kelly Tucker of HR Star
Episode 87 – Alison Clegg – Highridge HR (HR Consulting For The Insurance & Financial Services Industries)
Episode 40 – Growing An Employment Law Firm – Simon Robinson of Robinson Ralph
Episode 65 – Rachel Barker (Freelance Project Manager & Administrator with HR specialism in the performing arts)
Episode 108 – Emma del Torto – Managing Director of Effective HRM (10 years in business)
Episode 22 (Diversity & Inclusion) Vessy Tasheva
Episode 3: (HR Consultancy) David Thomas of DTHR Solutions
Episode 38 – Growing A Diversity & Inclusion Consultancy – MASF Consulting
Episode 45 (HR Consultant Bootcamp) with Mandy Withers
Episode 5: (HR Consultancy) Rosin Johnson of Magenta Iris
Episode 50 (HR Tech Selection & Implementation) Helen Armstrong – CEO of Silver Cloud HR
Episode 54 – Shola Kaye (Communication Specialist & Speaker)
Episode 83 – Anna Hemmings On Resilient Leadership For Consultants & Business Leaders
Episode 9: (Reward Consulting) Christina Jones
Episode 71 Recruitment Business Leader Roundtable Discussion with Charles Draper (the Sure Group), Ian Simkin (Silven Recruitment), Kelly Tucker (HR Star), and Martin Jones (KnownFour).
Episode 74 – Recruitment Business Leader Roundtable Discussion #2 with Thomas Dove (Chief Commercial Officer & Co-Founder of Fraser Dove International), Jeremy Small (CEO of Jameson Legal), & Barney Weston (Managing Director of Oceanic Resources International).
Episode 89 – Jane Ferré – Career Coaching For Senior HR Professionals
Episode 10: (Peak Performance Strategist) Abigail Ireland
Episode 104 – Simon Kenwright the Co-Founder of Optimised Talent
Episode 105 – Jill Kane (Workplace Well-Being Consultant and Coach)
Episode 110 – Hishem Azzouz of Recruitment Mentors
Episode 13: (Recruitment) Leanne Makinson of Hargreaves Recruitment
Episode 18 – Coaching & Recruitment JV – Anna Hemmings & Daryl Stickland
Episode 2: (L&D Consultancy) James O’Brien of LeapForward Thinking
Episode 20 (Employee Relations Consulting) David Warren
Episode 25: Talking B2B Sales & DisruptHR With Derek Howard
Episode 67 – Su Patel of The HR Leadership Academy
Episode 61 – (Coaching & Mindfulness) Tim Segaller of Rising Minds

Human Resources Consultancies In Australia

Episode 114 (HR Consulting) – Ella Burke – Employii
Episode 55 – Greg Kinnaird of Corporate Learning Solutions
Episode 62 – (Recruitment & Cultural Training) Jill West & Maria Dugan of Indigenous Employment Partners
Episode 64 – (Redundancy Process Coaching) Jamie Getgood – The People Shift

International HR Consulting Firms

Episode 29: Growing A Business Process Outsourcing Company – With Ken Coyne of OpsTalent
Episode 33: Growing A Remote Work Advisory Company – Shauna Moran of Operate Remote.com
Episode 44 – Introducing The New HR Consulting Work Platform – One Circle
Episode 58 – (Remote HR Consulting) Shamila Mhearban
Episode 72 – The 10 Big Mistakes That Hold Consultants Back (with Stephen Bates)
Episode 97 – Doug Strycharczyk of AQR International
Blog Article: Nebat Abbas of Phoenix Business Consulting (Ethiopia)
Blog Article: Kulani Shiluvane of Shiluvah (HR Consultancy in South Africa)
Blog Article: Muhammad Qazi of Jobs360 (Pakistan)

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