One Circle is a platform of freelance HR consultants providing Human Resource consulting services, digitally, sharing thought leadership and solutions.

Completely virtual, One Circle allows companies to engage with and hire freelance HR consultants online, on-demand, from around the world and across the employee lifecycle, all in one place.

Emma El-Karout - One Circle HR Platform

The Co-Founder of One Circle, Emma El-Karout, joined me on the podcast to talk about this new HR consulting work platform.

During our chat, we talked about:

✔️ Emma’s impressive background in international HR and what led her to co-found One Circle.

✔️ The type of HR work managed across the platform and the types of people it suits.

✔️ Opportunities for HR side jobs and side gigs.

✔️ What kinds of companies use the platform as clients.

We also discussed the process which includes:

✔️ Sign-up: Register and complete your profile to join our platform for freelance HR consultants and companies.

✔️ Connect: Find a match by browsing profiles and reviews.

✔️ Select: Agree your freelance HR consultant rates, hire your HR consultant online, on-demand.

✔️ Collaborate: An online workspace for human resources consulting services delivery.

✔️ Compensate: Pay upon completion of milestones.

Want to learn more, be sure to check out One Circle.

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Over to Emma . . .

Interview With Emma El-Karout of One Circle

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