BenWelcome to the website that I wish existed back when running my own Human Resources consulting business.

I help HR businesses around the world to increase their lead flow and sales in two ways:

  1. Group coaching and one-to-one coaching for solo consultants in the HR industry.
  2. Outsourced/supplementary marketing and growth services for medium-sized consultancies in the HR industry.
  3. Joint venture marketing management for HR Tech companies.

‘HR business’ means recruitment firms, HR Tech startups, training companies, employment law consultants, remuneration & benefits consulting firms, generalist HR consultants, and so on.

The articles and interviews look at HR marketing issues such as:

  • How to make your HR-related business stand out from the others.
  • What to include in your marketing plan for your HR business.
  • How to use your company blog (and how not to use it) to bring in more sales leads.
  • How to communicate the value of what you offer.
  • What to write on your website (and what to leave out).
  • Which online marketing methods work best for HR-related businesses.
  • How to market your business when you’re crazy busy just getting the work done.
  • How to do this in a low cost way and how to get it done if you don’t have great in-house tech skills.
  • Plus a whole lot more.

The overall goal is to help your bring in more sales and business leads on a regular basis for your HR-related businesses.

I’m a former Human Resources consultant now focussed on marketing and growth for companies and consultants in the Human Resources sector.

(Here’s an unusual photo of me either giving a speech on how to bring in new clients on autopilot or me doing some sort of mime routine in Google’s European Headquarters).

I look forward to sharing my ideas and findings on how to bring in more sales for your HR-related businesses.

This newsletter is here to help you bring in more B2B leads and clients for your HR business.

Talk to you soon!