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Growing An HR Consultancy – Shiluvah

Kulani Shiluvane is an inspiring entrepreneur, speaker, and HR business leader. Her business, Shiluvah, is based in Johannesburg in South Africa and is a successful Human Resource and Labour Law consultancy which offers dynamic, customised, and integrated people management solutions.

Kulani Shiluvane profile

In this quick Q&A, Kulani kindly shares how she is busy growing an HR consultancy.

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Over to you, Kulani!

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Scott Miller – FranklinCovey

Years ago, I was a fresh-faced young HR graduate in an international, very rules-based company when my first mentor gave me a copy of a book called ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People‘ written by Stephen Covey.

Growing the FranklinCovey Company

The book had a profound effect on my thinking and on my subsequent career in Human Resources.

It seems, I wasn’t the only one.

The book has sold more than 40 million copies in 40 languages worldwide and remains one of the best selling nonfiction business books in history.

Now listed on the New York Stock Exchange, the FranklinCovey company is considered by many as the world leader in helping organizations achieve results that require lasting changes in human behavior.

I was delighted to be joined on the podcast by the company’s Executive Vice President of Thought Leadership, Scott Miller.

Scott Miller - FranklinCovey profile
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Growing An HR Company (Workplace Behavior Consultancy) Catherine Mattice-Zundel of Civility Partners

Catherine Mattice-Zundel is President of consulting and training firm, Civility Partners, and has been successfully providing programs in workplace bullying and building positive workplaces since 2007.

Catherine Mattice-Zundel

Her clients include Fortune 500’s, the military, several universities and hospitals, government agencies, small businesses and nonprofits.

Catherine has also written three books, one of which the legendary Ken Blanchard called, “the most comprehensive and valuable handbook on the topic” of workplace bullying.

Catherine’s also been in, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and CNN.

Catherine joined me on the podcast to talk about her business journey and the important change that Civility Partners is bringing to workplaces right across North America.

During our chat, we talked about:

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Introducing The New HR Consulting Work Platform – One Circle

One Circle is a platform of freelance HR consultants providing Human Resource consulting services, digitally, sharing thought leadership and solutions.

Completely virtual, One Circle allows companies to engage with and hire freelance HR consultants online, on-demand, from around the world and across the employee lifecycle, all in one place.

Emma El-Karout - One Circle HR Platform

The Co-Founder of One Circle, Emma El-Karout, joined me on the podcast to talk about this new HR consulting work platform.

During our chat, we talked about:

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Growing An Employee Happiness Business – Nic Marks of Friday Pulse

If magic exists, it’s alignment. I had a fascinating conversation with Nic Marks, CEO & Founder of employee happiness platform, Friday Pulse.

Nic Marks of Friday Pulse on A Better HR Business Podcast

By measuring positive and negative emotions and systematically collecting feedback, Friday Pulse provides real-time insights on individuals, teams and organizations as they adapt to new realities.

Nic and I had a great conversation about measuring employee happiness and about starting and growing this successful HR Tech business.

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How To Cope With Difficult Times And Get A Business Growth Mindset As An HR Consultant

Ever had low moments in consulting, lost a big sales pitch, or struggled to price your services at a level that you deserve?

Ask any elite business person or sports star, having the right mindset is crucial to success. I asked business coach and money mindset expert Nina Cooke for her advice to consultants in the Human Resources industry on how to get a business growth mindset.

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How To Add Value To Your HR Clients During Difficult Times [Free Download]

During times of crisis, you need to ‘think different‘ (thanks to Steve Jobs for the phrase). You need to reflect on how to add value to your clients during difficult times.

At the moment, I am seeing many Coronavirus-related posts on LinkedIn advising employers on practical HR issues such as managing sick leave and implementing remote work.

These posts come from a place of generosity.

When it comes to managing your HR business, however, there are two problems with the approach:

  1. Everyone is doing it. If you share more of the same, you are seen as another generic HR consultant sharing generic advice.
  2. Employers need more. By now, employers know what to pay and how to set up remote work via Zoom.

Employers of all sizes are suffering.

  • Airlines are under intense pressure.
  • Conference hosts are their entire revenue stream.
  • Small-medium brick ‘n mortar businesses may shut down.

Think Outside The Box

All businesses need fresh ideas to help them get through this.

What higher-level advice and support can you give employers that will help them in these difficult times?

  • Can you offer free or low-fee, low-touch services that address their immediate pressing needs?
  • Can you find a way to help them keep or find new clients such as referring business to them?
  • Can you help your various clients team-up to create marketing partnership promotions?

Take some time to think outside the box.

Give Them Higher-Level Advice

Years ago, employers in Australia (and around the world) were facing dark times following the global financial meltdown.

HR consultants everywhere were giving the same employment law advice regarding layoffs.

An Example [Free Download]

It’s not fancy and it’s not super advanced but click here to look at a special tips sheet I wrote back in 2009 for employers on how to manage staff in uncertain times.

The tips sheet was nothing amazing and I shudder at the design, but rather than just talking about redundancy legislation, the focus throughout was on trying different things, new ideas to get through the tough times.

What can you do?

To give you some ideas, check the two articles below. They both share positive solutions that are fresh and a little less common.

This Harvard Business Review article is very useful.

This MIT Sloan Management Review article also has some helpful ideas.

I’d love to hear what you can come up with – email me.


And above, stay safe.

All the best,


Growing An Employment Law Firm – Simon Robinson of Robinson Ralph

How often does a law firm make you laugh and teach you something at the same time – on LinkedIn?

The innovative employment law firm, Robinson Ralph, is not your typical law firm.

Follow them on LinkedIn to see what I mean.

Simon Robinson discusses growing an employment law firm.

I spoke with the firm’s co-founder, Simon Robinson, about why he co-founded the law firm, how they compete with the global firms, about the firm’s very engaging social media presence, and much more.

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