In a recent episode of the A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Angela Cheng-Cimini 鄭婷婷, SVP, Talent & CHRO at Harvard Business Publishing.

Harvard Business Publishing plays a pivotal role in advancing global leadership by providing leaders with groundbreaking ideas that tackle challenges, improve performance, and unlock leadership qualities in individuals.

Angela Cheng-Cimini

The organization reaches professionals, corporations, educators, and students globally, delivering top-tier management thinking and practice through various channels, including articles, books, case studies, simulations, videos, learning programs, and digital tools, thereby engaging thousands of organizations and millions of subscribers and social media followers.

Harvard Business Publishing stands as a beacon for leadership excellence, exemplifying a steadfast dedication to empowering individuals with the tools they need to succeed in a rapidly changing global landscape.

With 30 years of diverse Human Resources experience across consumer product goods, professional services, high-tech, and nonprofits, Angela has navigated businesses through various stages and led teams globally. Currently, as the Senior Vice President, Talent & Chief Human Resources Officer at Harvard Business Publishing, Angela oversees strategic HR functions.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Angela and Ben talk about:

  • HBP’s approach to capturing the attention of business leaders amid turbulent times.
  • Key challenges that HR leaders are currently facing.
  • How can HR professionals strike a balance between technology and the human element in the workplace?
  • How AI and technology will impact the concept of leadership.
  • HBP’s strategy for meeting readers’ needs.
  • The resurgence of organized labor and its implications for employee voice and representation.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Angela!

Angela Cheng-Cimini:

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Angela Cheng-Cimini 鄭婷婷 – SVP, Talent & CHRO at Harvard Business Publishing

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