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Growing An HR Consultancy In Ethiopia

In this article, I’m kindly joined by Nebat Abbas, an HR consultant based in Ethiopia. Nebat runs a business called Phoenix Business Consulting and we’re going to be delving into the work she does and the way Nebat is successfully growing an HR consultancy in Ethiopia.

Growing An HR Consultancy In Ethiopia - Nebat Abbas

Meet Nebat Abbas, the founder of Phoenix Business Consulting.

Based in Adis Ababa, Phoenix Business Consulting provides HR consulting, training and recruitment services.

Read on for our discussion on:

  1. What HR consulting Nebat does and who she helps.
  2. The current status of the HR consulting industry in Ethiopia.
  3. What was good and not so good about becoming an independent consultant.
  4. How Nebat got her first few clients and how she finds them now.
  5. How Nebat has managed to be interviewed on the radio several times.
  6. Whether or not to smooth-out cashflow by systematising your services and/or to partner with other HR companies.
  7. Nebat’s views on change and challenges in the Human Resources industry as a whole.
  8. Iny interesting people and resources to check out that can help HR businesses to grow faster.
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Sales Advice For HR Businesses – With Rana Kordahi

It’s hard to suddenly start selling your consulting services or software when you’ve come from a corporate HR background. That’s why I’ve turned to sales expert, Rana Kordahi, for some sales advice for HR businesses.

Rana shared her sales advice for HR businesses, including:

  • If Rana were starting out as a new HR consultant or a new HR tech startup, what would be her plan of attack to get new employer clients?
  • Rana’s advice on how to actually approach a potential client that you’ve found online on LinkedIn?
  • Thoughts on the best way for a consultant or startup founder to approach their former employers to get them as a client.
  • If a consultant or startup founder gets a meeting with a potential new client, how to run the meeting.
  • If the initial meeting with a potential new client goes well – they often then ask for a proposal. Rana’s advice.
  • After a consultant has a very positive initial discussion with clients and receiving positive feedback, they don’t come back with an actual work assignment. Rana’s advice.
  • Rana’s tips on interesting people, websites, tools, podcasts, or books that HR businesses should check out to grow faster.
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Networking Advice For Consultants

Networking advice for consultants with Greg Roche

From my own experience and from all the discussions and feedback I’ve had from consultants working in the HR industry, networking is a key part of growing a consulting business, particularly in the early days. Today, I’ve turned to a business networking expert to share some networking advice for consultants, Greg Roche.

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Recruitment and Coaching Joint Venture (With Daryl Stickland and Anna Hemmings)

I’m a big fan of HR businesses doing B2B joint ventures or running partnership marketing campaigns so today we’re examining a recruitment and coaching joint venture.

On a recent episode of the A Better HR Business podcast, I was joined by two high-performers, Anna Hemmings and Daryl Stickland.

Anna and Daryl run two different, but complementary HR-related businesses and they’ve joined forces to offer something special to business executives in the UK with their new recruitment and coaching joint venture.

Daryl Stickland of CNA International Executive Search is an experienced headhunter based in London who has recruited for all key business functions across most industries from Tech to Pharma and even through to professional sport.

Anna Hemmings is a two time Olympian, six times world champion and an MBE; she is Britain’s most successful ever female kayaker. Since retiring from sport Anna founded high-performance training consultancy Beyond the Barriers, an organisation that is dedicated to helping individuals and teams perform at their best.

Here’s what we discussed:

  • What it was like for Anna to win 6 world championships and be part of the Olympic Games?
  • Who are their ideal clients?
  • What drew Anna to executive coaching and what are the parallels between Executive coaching and Sports Coaching?
  • How Anna and Daryl have joined forces to create a new recruitment and coaching joint venture aimed at newly hired executives.
  • Their joint venture event coming up soon for HR Leaders at the British Olympic Association (details here).
  • Advice on how to survive and win in the War for Talent.
  • Changes and challenges coming to the modern workplace and to be prepared.
  • And plenty more.
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Growing A Talent Acquisition Consulting Firm – Broadwing

In this article, I look at growing a talent acquisition consulting firm.

Growing a talent acquisition consulting firm with Ken Hicks

Meet Ken Hicks, the founder of Broadwing.

Broadwing is a talent acquisition consulting firm that works with companies that positively impact consumers and their communities. The talent world can be a challenging one, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Broadwing helps transform companies by finding great talent and looks to change how candidates feel about the recruiting process.

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Growing An HR Software Company – Breathe

I’ve spoken with many HR Consultants and a common theme is a desire for retainers and recurring income.

Today on A Better HR Business I look at one way HR consultants in the UK can do this by partnering with Breathe, an HR software designed for SMEs in the UK.

breathe - hr software in the uk

I chatted with Georgina Sillett (Strategic Partnership Manager) and Nick Hardy (Content Marketing Manager) at Breathe about:

  • A quick overview of the HRIS SaaS company, Breathe – what it does and who it helps.
  • How Breathe has positioned itself in the HR software market.
  • Breathe has produced a lot of educational/marketing content. What are Breathe’s top 20% most popular pieces of content?
  • Explanation of Breathe’s partnership types. How could an HR consultant or an HR Tech firm partner with Breathe? What gets paid, how is it tracked, etc?
  • What about partnership marketing opportunities? (Co-written books, webinars, etc)
  • What challenges or changes do they see in the HR industry in the near future? What are the hot topics people should follow?
  • And plenty more.
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Growing A Consultancy – Interview With Liz Steblay of PICA

Want to grow your consulting business? Today on A Better HR Business I have a really enjoyable discussion with Liz Steblay.

Liz is the Co-Founder and Chief Advocate at Professional Independent Consultants of America (PICA) as well as being the Founder & Managing Officer of ProKo Consulting.

Liz and I talked about these things:

  • Liz’s background and her consulting company (Liz represents around 75 HR-related consultants across the United States).
  • How Liz got her first clients and consultants and her main marketing channel now.
  • The types of HR-related consulting work that are most in-demand.
  • Advice for people who leave the corporate world and find it hard to position themselves in the best way when they become independent HR consultants.
  • Change and challenges Liz sees now and in the future.
  • Liz’s advice on how HR consultants can land the big fish – the big clients and projects.
  • Suggested resources that HR businesses should check out to grow faster.
  • And plenty more.

You can find Liz here:

  • Twitter: @LizforConsultants
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