In a recent episode of the A Better HR Business show, Ben spoke with Mary Cullen, Managing Director of Insight HR, an HR Consultancy and Outsourcing firm operating nationwide out of beautiful Kilkenny, Ireland, to talk about her journey from solo consultant to Managing Director of a thriving company offering a wide range of HR services to employers all over Ireland.

Mary Cullen

Mary is the visionary behind Insight HR, boasting over two decades of diverse industry experience. A proud alumna of UCD and the National College of Ireland, Mary is also a member of the CIPD.

As the driving force behind Insight HR, Mary not only oversees business operations but also provides invaluable strategic HR counsel to clients. Mary wears multiple hats, co-hosting the insightful HR Room podcast (with seasoned HR marketing pro, Eoin Lyons) and spearheading the monthly HR Room webinar series.

Empower your workforce by fostering a culture of open communication, where every voice is valued and heard.

Mary CULLEN, Insight HR

Established in 2000, Insight HR boasts a team of consultants hailing from diverse backgrounds.

With a growing team of 16 members, Insight HR combines academic prowess with extensive industry experience, providing a unique perspective not often found within internal HR departments.

Navigate the competitive landscape with a strategic edge: study your rivals, innovate relentlessly, excel in service, master marketing, and uphold a stellar reputation.

Mary CULLEN, Insight HR

In a wide-ranging discussion, Mary and Ben talk about:

  • How Insight HR helps companies in Ireland.
  • When to hire and how to structure operations as the business grows.
  • The extensive and impactful range of free education and information provided to employers by Insight HR.
  • How Insight HR brings in work from new and existing clients.
  • How to double the business in one year.
  • Growth advice for other HR-related businesses.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Mary!

Mary Cullen:

Insight HR:

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Mary Cullen – Managing Director of Insight HR

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