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15 Marketing Tips For HR-Related Businesses

In this solo episode of the A Better HR Business show, I share 15 marketing tips to help grow your HR-related business.

A Better HR Business - HR Marketing Podcast

These tips & observations come from client work and well over 150 podcast interviews with successful business leaders in the Human Resources industry.

Here’s what we’ll be covering in this episode of the A Better HR Business podcast:

  • ​A good offer is so important​
  • Understand the
  • ‘Jobs To Be Done ‘ Method
  • ​Hustle still matters
  • Improve services by removing pain points from your process
  • Don’t stress about ​shiny new objects
  • ​Everyone can market themselves in their own way
  • On LinkedIn: personal branding beats company branding
  • ​Commoditization & Tech advances continue
  • ​Don’t view single marketing tactics in isolation
  • Watch your metrics​
  • Don’t be afraid to get out there
  • There’s no silver bullet​ ​
  • Your marketing flywheel​ is so important
  • ​The ‘Results In Advance’ approach is so powerful
  • Don’t be afraid of repetitive messaging
  • ​Have a p​l​an & work the plan


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Marketing Questions To Ask If You Want More Customers Or Clients For Your HR-Related Business

Every week I receive at least one email from a podcast listener or newsletter reader where the person asks me this question:

Ben, how do we get more clients/customers for our HR business?

However, there’s a problem . . .

If you want better outcomes, you need to dive deeper and ask better questions.

In this solo episode of the A Better HR Business podcast I’m going to walk you through some of the typical questions I work through with our HR business marketing clients as we build out and scale up their marketing plans.

Such questions include:

  • How well is our business positioned?
  • What are our offers and how good are they?
  • What are we doing to convert website visitors into sales leads?
  • What are we doing to nurture our sales leads?
  • What unpaid marketing channels are we using and how are they performing?
  • What paid marketing channels are we using and how are they performing?
  • What are we doing to improve our conversion rates?
  • How do we scale up?
  • And more…

Have a listen now!

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How To Start An HR Consulting Business – 6 Steps To Successfully Launch Your New Independent HR Consultancy

Wondering how to start an HR consulting business?

Yes, there’s a lot to consider after the global pandemic but there’s a lot to be optimistic about too.

Even with the rise of HR Tech, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, there is still a huge market for new start-up HR consultancies to help employers get the best out of their workforce.

There is plenty of potential business out there in all aspects of HR consulting, including generalist HR consulting, recruitment & selection, employee engagement, training, learning & development, employment law, and so on.

Below are 6 steps to guide you as you think about how to start your own Human Resources consulting business.

Chandré Grobler talking to Ben about how she launched her HR consulting business, HumanSource...

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How I Got Thousands Of Awesome Email Subscribers (10 Methods) And How You Can Apply This To Your Business

I love my email mailing list. It has thousands of subscribers real people from HR-related businesses around the world who are:

  1. Interested in the topic of growing a business in the HR sector.
  2. Keen to learn.
  3. Intelligent, friendly, awesome people.

It may sound trite but every single day I love hearing back from these wonderful people as they:

  • Share stories
  • Ask for advice
  • Thank me for sharing resources
  • Refer potential new clients to me
  • Invite me to speak on podcasts and panel discussions
  • Join my online training courses
  • Work with my via my HR business marketing services
  • And much more.

In this episode of the A Better HR Business podcast, I share how (and why) I’ve managed to build up an email mailing list of thousands of people in the HR-related business sector. 

I’ll share ten different methods that have helped me build up this list – you’ll be able to adopt many of them for your own business.

I’ll also explain why it’s such an important business asset to build up over time.

It could help you grow your HR-related business easier and faster so I’d suggest having a quick listen now . . .

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Scott Mastley (CHRO) On Growing Thread HCM

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Scott Mastley, the CHRO at Thread HCM.

Scott Mastley

Thread provides a leading technology platform, trusted by over 100,000 companies, and serving over 5,000,000 employees. This all-in-one solution offers a superior approach to hiring, managing, and growing their team. Thread also offers an HR consulting service to its extensive client base.

Scott joined Thread to develop and manage their HR consulting services.

He has 25 years of hands-on consulting, HR work, and leading HR teams with clients across multiple industries.

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How To Deal With Grief and Burnout As A Consultant – with Barbara Rubel

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Barbara Rubel from Griefwork Center Inc.

Barbara Rubel

Barbara Rubel is a dynamic speaker, author, and leading authority on occupational burnout, vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, resilience, and managing complicated loss.

Her keynotes, training sessions, and webinars are designed to give audiences practical strategies that can be implemented immediately in the workplace.

Barbara’s list of clients includes more than 1,000 organizations.

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Growing An International Training Business – with Denise Meyerson of Play 4 Business

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Denise Meyerson, CEO of Play 4 Business.

Denise Meyerson

Denise is a Board Member, CEO, and Management Consultant with over 30 years of board-level experience, particularly in the education, training & workforce development industry.

Previous to her current venture, Denise led an education company that was sold to a listed company on the South African Stock Exchange.

Denise was awarded ‘Learning and Development Professional of the Year’ by the AITD and she’s one of the first four master trainers globally of the LEGO Serious Play methodology.

The online LEGO Serious Play methodology is a powerful way of engaging groups to ensure meaningful and fully interactive facilitated workshops. As a facilitator of this incredible process, you learn how to design, plan and facilitate sessions for your clients or for your organization. 

In a wide-ranging discussion, Denise and I talked about:

  • Denise’s background and her success in the corporate training industry.
  • Play 4 Business and the LEGO® Serious Play® methodology.
  • Denise’s advice when it comes to marketing and growing a successful HR business.
  • What does the future hold for HR and the world of work?
  • And much more.
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Business Growth Advice From Johan Van Zutphen – CEO of Robin

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Johan Van Zutphen, CEO of Robin (

Johan Van Zutphen

Robin offers intermediate services between temporary employment agencies and people looking for a job with a living space.

During his Master’s studies in International Business in 2007, Johan established Robin: the first Lithuanian agency that recruits Lithuanian staff for Dutch employment agencies.

14 years later, Robin has built up a database with over 220,000 candidates and recruited over 20,000 candidates from Lithuania, Latvia, Portugal, Poland, Spain, Romania, Slovakia, and Hungary for the Dutch employment market.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Johan and I talked about:

  • How and why did he start Robin? (And the struggles before it became the global business it is today).
  • What does Robin do and who does it help?
  • How Robin attracts new employee and employer clients? Any tips for others?
  • Johan’s excellent approach to the art of management and delegation.
  • Johan’s advice when it comes to growing a successful HR business.
  • What does the future hold for HR and the world of work and what should listeners do about it?
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Growing Recruiter-com – With Evan Sohn

I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Evan Sohn from

Evan is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of, an on-demand recruiting platform that combines AI and video job-matching technology with the world’s largest network of small and independent recruiters.

Clients of use their AI job-matching technology to build a candidate pipeline across 150 million profiles. Clients tap into a network of 30,000 on-demand recruiters to help them recruit. This can lower client hiring costs by more than a third.

Evan is a frequent contributor to CNBC and Yahoo! Finance, and demonstrates expertise in a diverse set of industries, including Wi-Fi, Instant Messaging, data security, customer relationship management (CRM), and much more. Beginning with his own mobile computing company in the 1990s (later acquired by Dun & Bradstreet), Evan has aided a number of venture-backed companies in growing their business. These companies have been acquired by the likes of Symantec and Verifone, among others.

Evan continues his mission-driven work as CEO of As workplaces reopen and many recruiters struggle to find candidates,’s mission to disrupt the traditional recruiting model and build better workplaces is more important than ever.

Evan’s history of rapid business growth, dedication to innovation, and ability to create rich client relationships provides him with the expertise and insight the recruiting industry needs at this crucial point in our history.

Before We Start . . . Want Some Help?

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Ok, over to Evan (thanks Evan!) . . .

Evan Sohn On Growing

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About The ‘A Better HR Business’ Podcast

In my HR marketing podcast, I talk with different HR consultants and HR tech companies from around the world to learn about what they do and how they keep their businesses healthy and moving in the right direction.

If you have questions you want me to ask me about growing an HR consultancy or marketing for HR tech companies, just let me know or visit the HR marketing services page.

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Enjoy the show!

how to market your hr firm

Use This Simple 5-Step Process To Grow Your HR Business

Thanks to my podcast, newsletter, blog, LinkedIn posts, etc, I get marketing queries every week from companies and individuals running businesses in the HR sector.

The questions often revolve around this central question:

What should we do next?’

Prefer To Listen? Podcast Version of ‘Use This Simple 5-Step Process To Grow Your HR Business

In Episode 119 of the A Better HR Business show, I share a simple 5-step process you can use to grow your HR business.

It makes sense.

There are so many options out there for people trying to grow their HR business.

These lead to questions such as:

  • Should we be running paid ads somewhere?
  • Do we need a blog?
  • What should we be posting on LinkedIn?
  • Which types of companies should we approach? Why are they ignoring us?
  • Should I write a book?
  • What about Google AdWords?
  • What should we say on our website?
  • Should we be making videos?
  • How should we send emails? Hubspot, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, something else? 
  • How do we decide what to offer?
  • What’s the right angle to take in sales meetings?
  • How do we get more clients?

Again, ‘What should we do next?

People often feel a little overwhelmed.

A Simple 5-Step Process To Follow

Here’s a simple 5-step process I use with my clients which are either: consulting firms, HR tech firms, or individual consultants, all within the wide HR sector.

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Recommended HR Consultancy Businesses (across the HR sector)

When it comes to helping you find recommended HR consultancy businesses, we have two resources for you on this page:

Profiles of HR consultancy businesses around the world (from the podcast: A Better HR Business).

A spreadsheet listing HR consulting businesses and HR Tech businesses around the world.

HR consultancy businesses reviewed

List of HR Consultancy Businesses

(Featuring all types of consultancies in the broad Human Resources field)

  1. HR Consultancies in North America
  2. HR Consultancies in Europe
  3. HR Consultancies in Australia
  4. International HR Consultancies
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