How often does a law firm make you laugh and teach you something at the same time – on LinkedIn?

The innovative employment law firm, Robinson Ralph, is not your typical law firm.

Follow them on LinkedIn to see what I mean.

Simon Robinson discusses growing an employment law firm.

I spoke with the firm’s co-founder, Simon Robinson, about why he co-founded the law firm, how they compete with the global firms, about the firm’s very engaging social media presence, and much more.

Simon and I discussed many aspects of growing an employment law firm:

✔️ 00:51 – Simon’s background, why he (co-)started Robinson Ralph, and why he didn’t start it sooner.

✔️ 04:10 – The changing employment law landscape.

✔️ 05:39 – The role of labour unions.

✔️ 15:18 – The TV/Boston Legal approach to avoid.

✔️ 17:26 – Robinson Ralph’s client-focussed website.

✔️ 20:09 – The three criteria when hiring new staff.

✔️ 25:14 – A law firm having fun on LinkedIn?

✔️ 28:44 – How they choose what content to publish and when.

✔️ 31:20 – Do they use scripts for the videos they publish on LinkedIn?

✔️ 33:09 – Should other law firms copy Robinson Ralph’s approach to growing an employment law firm via fun content on social media?

For more, visit:

Alternatively, you can phone them on +44 (0)113 2123240.

Before we get started . . .

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Over to Simon . . .

Growing An Employment Law Firm – Robinson Ralph

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