Amit Mishra is a good luck charm for tech companies (find out why in this episode).

Amit Mishra - A Better HR Business

Amit is the CEO and Co-Founder of the highly successful online skills assessment company, Interview Mocha.

Interview Mocha is a leading provider of online assessment software for pre-employment skill testing.

The company serves over 1000 clients across the world.

The platform offers over 1500 skill assessments across all the major fields.

I spoke with Amit about how he and the founding team started Interview Mocha, about the future of HR, growing an HR Tech company, and much more.

Amit and I discussed:

✔️ 00:54 – My take on how Amit is a lucky charm for tech companies 🙂

✔️ 03:41 – Getting into the Microsoft venture accelerator and identifying the main problem Interview Mocha would solve.

✔️ 05:29 – Validating the idea in the market.

✔️ 06:53 – Creating the marketing engine.

✔️ 08:05 – Moving up the value chain.

✔️ 13:20 – Marketing first; product next.

✔️ 17:31 – The world of work is changing rapidly.

✔️ 22:09 – Crowdsourcing skills assessments for the platform.

✔️ 24:07 – The role of SEO in the marketing engine.

✔️ 25:50 – Advertising on LinkedIn.

✔️ 26:58 – HR Tech partnerships.

✔️ 28:50 – What’s coming down the line in the world of HR?

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Before we get started . . .

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Over to Amit . . .

Growing An HR Tech Company – Interview Mocha

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