After the horrendous change and disruption brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, managing your workforce has become a far more complex process than ever before.

Employee experience has a huge part to play in this which is why I was so pleased to catch up for a chat with Anthony Vaughan.

Anthony is a thought leader and fellow podcaster in the world of Employee Experience.

Anthony’s podcast, E1B2 Collective (Employee 1st Business 2nd), is a business podcast that focuses solely on the unique tactics and authentic approaches that helps leaders and brands create unique and effective culture/employee experiences.

Anthony joined me on the A Better HR Business podcast to talk about:

✔️ Anthony’s fascinating business background and the employee experience business he has launched, The E1B2 Collective.

✔️ Anthony’s insights into employee experience.

Anthony Vaughan - laptop

✔️ Anthony’s advice on how to grow and develop a successful HR-related business.

✔️ And plenty more!

Want to learn more, be sure to connect with Anthony on LinkedIn.

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Over to Anthony (thanks Anthony!) . . .

Interview With Anthony Vaughan

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Enjoy the show!

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