Kulani Shiluvane is an inspiring entrepreneur, speaker, and HR business leader. Her business, Shiluvah, is based in Johannesburg in South Africa and is a successful Human Resource and Labour Law consultancy which offers dynamic, customised, and integrated people management solutions.

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In this quick Q&A, Kulani kindly shares how she is busy growing an HR consultancy.

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Over to you, Kulani!

What’s your background? How did you get into the business?

My background is in Management and Operations. I was Chief Operating Officer (COO) for a medium-sized business in Johannesburg, South Africa for 4 years before I founded Shiluvah.

While working for my former employer in my role is COO and seeing the impact that HR (a services that a lot of SMME’s in South Africa and maybe Africa as a whole cant not necessary afford) has on the success and/or failure of an organisation/business I decided to start such a consultancy. This will allowing for growth and success in such organisations/businesses.

People buy from people and not necessarily a particular organisation/business. There is a reason we all have a “favourite” supermarket or gas station – the people (employees) we engage with when we are there.

What does your business do?

Shiluvah is a Human Resource Business Management Consultancy which offers dynamic, customised and integrated people management solutions.

The common problem we tend to face is around employee engagement and the first service we provide on average first is around the HR strategy for organisations/businesses.

How do you structure your services?

This is dependent on how the client would like it to be structured.

We have clients that we do work for once off, those that are ‘once-off” repeat clients and clients that have us on a reinter.

How did you get your first few clients? What are your main marketing channels for getting new clients now?

Our first client was my former employer and pitching to them was easy as they were familiar with my work.

Our main marketing channels are social media (only cause our current marketing budget is so limited). We also make an effort to network with business owners and organisations.

The HR industry continues to evolve at a rapid rate. What change and challenges do you see now and in the future?

The most significant change for me has been how the introduction of the so-called millennials into the workplace has changed (and brought about some challenges) the tractional work landscape.

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Work has moved from clock-in and clock-out. And while work is still and will always be a means of earning an income, the purpose of work, and the impact that work has become very important.

Work now to a certain degree has to engage with the worker in a manner that if never had to before, e.g. the well-being of a worker (employee) outside of the workplace.

I am not sure what the future holds, however the one thing I am sure of is the great role HR will play.

What’s your advice to HR professionals and employers on how to face these challenges?

Always say to my clients don’t hire the qualification hire the person – cause anyone can hold a particular qualification but not just anyone will be the best person for you organisation/business.

And to my fellow HR professional I would say take a at the table, HR is more than just an administrative function – it is a strategic one, one that is vital to an organisation/business meeting its objectives.

Any tips on interesting people that HR businesses should check out to grow faster?

Brigette Hyacinth and Emmanuel Michael on LinkedIn.

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Thanks Kulani – all the best for your Human Resources business!

To learn more about the business, visit the Shiluvah website.

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