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Mandy and Ben

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Q&A Session Details

Date: Tuesday 24 March 2020.

Time: 8:30pm UK time/3:30pm US eastern time/7:30am Friday Australian eastern time.

Where: Online using Zoom.

Zoom Guidelines

I borrow these from Seth’s blog:

  1. Sit close to the screen. Your face should fill most of it.
  2. Use an external microphone or headset.
  3. When you’re not talking, hit mute.
  4. Don’t eat during the meeting.
  5. When you’re on mute during an audio call, you can do whatever you want. But when you’re on mute on a video call, you need to act like you’re truly engaged. Nod your head. Focus on the screen. Don’t get up and feed your dog.
  6. Don’t sit with the window behind you. A little effort on lighting goes a very long way.
  7. When you’re talking, spend some time looking at the camera, not the screen. You’ll appear more earnest and honest this way.
  8. When you’re talking, go slow. No one is going to steal your slot.
  9. Don’t walk if you’re using a phone. And if you’re using a laptop, don’t put it on your lap.

See you soon. 🙂

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