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Podcast: The 10 Big Mistakes That Hold Consultants Back

What mistakes are you making that are holding back your consultancy or agency?

Business Blocks Coach, Stephen Bates and I discuss the 10 big mistakes that hold consultants back.

The big mistakes are:

  1. Not asking for the sale at the end of a sales meeting or sales call.
  2. Undercharging
  3. Allowing too much scope creep.
  4. Not upselling, cross-selling, or telling the client what else you can do for them.
  5. Spending too much time on busy work as opposed to money-making work.
  6. Not getting agreement on the next step in a sales process.
  7. Offering discounts
  8. Thinking they lack the experience or expertise to win new clients.
  9. Not putting themselves out there and sharing thought leadership or marketing content online.
  10. Commoditising themselves.

If you want to get rid of the blocks that are holding you back and stop your HR business from being truly successful, check out our new e-course: Beat Your HR Business Blocks.

Remember to check out the new e-course: Beat Your HR Business Blocks.

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