Continuing in my series which examines how different businesses in the Human Resources sector acquire new clients, today we’re looking at a very interesting business that crosses the border between tech and consulting.

We’ll hear from David Godden about how he and the team at Thymometrics have been busy growing their innovative employee engagement company.

How To Get More HR Clients – Q&A With David Godden

During a very interesting business growth discussion, I asked David the following questions: David Godden of Thymometrics

  • What does your business do?
  • Do you focus on a niche within the market or do you serve all businesses (if so, how do you try to stand-out from competitors)?
  • What are some effective ways you have acquired new clients?
  • Any ineffective ways to find new customers? Why didn’t they work so well?
  • Any tips on interesting people, websites, tools, podcasts, or books to check out?

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