Hi there,

I’m looking forward to chatting with you on my podcast, A Better HR Business.

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Before The Interview

  1. BOOK A TIME: Please choose a time that suits you from my calendar here.
  2. Once you’ve chosen a time, I’ll add the Zoom call details.
  3. When you dial into the Zoom call, we’ll have a chat before we start the podcast discussion. When we’re ready, we’ll start the interview itself.
  4. In case you’re confused about me and my whereabouts, I’m an Aussie living in Dublin πŸ™‚

During The Interview

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  1. The best way for you to sound good is to use a microphone and sit in a quiet room with no echo. Even the wire headset or earbuds that come with a new mobile phone are better than nothing. If you have a fancy microphone – even better!
  2. When we talk, please have some headphones on standby nearby of any type to prevent audio feedback which can sometimes happen over Zoom calls.
  3. We’ll talk on video but I tend to only use the audio so we can both relax and just talk. Sometimes, to ensure better sound, we turn off the video when we start. That said, if you’re ok with video, I may still use it as a video version of the podcast too but we’ll play that one by ear.
  4. I’ve covered many topics on the podcast so I’m generally happy to discuss anything that relates to HR and/or operating a business in the broad HR industry.
  5. The show covers both HR and marketing for HR businesses. Ideally, you’d share some business growth and/or marketing advice for someone running an HR-related business.
  6. There’s no set time limit for each episode. I’ve done longer interviews but I’m trying to aim for around 20 – 30 minutes as people are so busy these days and don’t have as much time as before for hour-long discussions.
  7. Don’t stress about anything. I’m nice πŸ™‚ Also, if there are interruptions, screaming kids, fire engines roaring past, or whatever, don’t worry about it. We’ll have a laugh about it, pause, and carry on (editing out stuff as required later).

Example Interview Questions

As for questions, I typically ask these main questions (or slight variations) –

  • What’s your background?
  • What does your business do and who do you help?
  • Your thoughts and advice on the HR topic being discussed.
  • How have you grown your business?
  • What’s your marketing advice when it comes to growing a successful HR-related business?
  • What does the future hold for HR and the world of work and what should listeners do about it?
  • If people want to learn more about you and your business, what should they do next?

You’re welcome to suggest questions or topics before we start recording.

SPECIAL NOTE: I always want to try to include some marketing or business growth advice for HR-related businesses.

After The Interview

  1. Each interview usually comes out 2-3 weeks later although we can be flexible. If you really need to hear the final version before we release it, let me know, but we usually just clean up the audio and publish it as is.
  2. When we publish the interview, we’ll let you know via LinkedIn and/or email.
  3. We’re going to start trying to post some quote images on LinkedIn so if you’re able to share a bite-sized tip or quote on HR and/or marketing, that would be fantastic.
  4. Feel free to re-use any image, document, file, or text we’ve used to promote your interview.
  5. PLEASE: When we tag you on LinkedIn, please leave a comment on the post πŸ™‚ You’re obviously more than welcome to re-share the post as a new post but please add a comment to the main post first – it gives the LinkedIn algorithm a little boost.
  6. From time to time, we’ll tag you in future LinkedIn posts where we introduce a different podcast episode so as to remind people about your episode. Feel free to like or comment there but there’s no pressure either way.

Sound ok? I’m looking forward to our chat πŸ™‚

BOOK A TIME: Please choose a time that suits you from my calendar here.

Many thanks!

All the best,

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