Our goal is to help you bring in more sales and business leads on a regular basis for your HR-related business.

‘HR business’ means recruitment firms, HR Tech startups, training companies, employment law consultants, remuneration & benefits consulting firms, generalist HR consultants, and so on.

Ben is your main contact and go-to person for your HR marketing plan but we have a team of amazing people working tirelessly to help you reach your growth targets.

Our team leads (starting from top-left and working around clockwise) are:

  • Victoria Iancu is our operations lead who coordinates and launches client marketing activities.
  • Sarah Haselwood is our lead HR content author who produces much of our thought leadership and content resources for our HR tech & HR consulting clients in the US and UK.
  • Catherine MacCallum is our Pay Per Click expert for Google Ads. Together, Catherine and Ben refine keywords, craft landing pages, and develop targeting & conversion strategies.
  • Ferencz Csuszner is our social media expert, particularly paid social media marketing including Facebook remarketing.

We look forward to working with you!

All the best,


Ben - Get More HR Clients.com