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In a nutshell, I’m putting some training together to help HR consultants find, attract, and sign-up new consulting clients and want to make sure it covers what you want to know. You can see my usual blog topics here.

My plan for the first iteration is to run a short program which will help HR consultants set up a marketing system that brings in new clients on autopilot.

This is the draft overview of the training:

  1. Become super attractive to your target market – Attract the right type of clients and prospects.
  2. Create an automated marketing funnel to attract business clients – Turn your website, blog, and email system into a lead-generation machine.
  3. Fill the funnel – Choose the right marketing channels for your business from all the options such as LinkedIn, Google Adwords, SEO, email, etc. Then, use those channels in the best way.
  4. Conversion, Systems & Scale – Convert interest into engagement so you have more paying clients. Then, create systems, outsource, and improve over time, in such a way that you can easily scale up.

Do you have any questions and/or suggestions to help me?

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