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45 Ways To Make Your HR Consulting Business More Profitable

Today we’re sharing an extensive list of 45 ideas to help make your HR consulting business more profitable.

HR Business Accelerator - Make your business more profitable

Thanks to all the successful consultants from the HR industry who have shared their many excellent ideas, suggestions, and pieces of practical advice.

How To Run A Profitable Consultancy In The HR Industry [4 Categories]

To keep things organised, the profitable HR consultancy tips are divided into four broad categories:

  1. Financial Management
  2. Sales & Marketing
  3. Service Delivery
  4. Your People
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Growing An Employee Relations Consulting Business – With David Warren

David Warren has a fascinating line of work. Originally from the union movement, David has carved an almost unique niche in the world of employee relations. He joined me to share his story of growing an employee relations consulting business.

Growing An Employee Relations Consulting Business - David Warren

Listen is as we talk about how David became, in effect, a commercial due diligence ER consultant for private equity clients.

We discuss:

  • David’s background and how he got into consulting.
  • What employee relations consulting he does and for whom.
  • How he got his first few clients and his advice on growing an employee relations consulting business.
  • Change and challenges in the ER/HR industry and the world of work in general.
  • And plenty more.
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