Consider this: 90% – 95% of potential clients visiting your business website will leave and never come back.

Q. What’s the best way to get potential clients to stick around and get to know you?

A. Continue to give them helpful information so you can develop a relationship over time.

After all, you can be sure that they’ll want to research you and your content before they ever talk to you on the phone.

I love blogs, videos, and podcasts but nothing works quite like a lead magnet such as an industry report, a guide, or ebook.

Whenever we’re researching a B2B problem, you can be sure that you’ll download at least one guide or report that helps you understand the problem better.

Lead magnets attract and nurture potential clients.

However, here’s the first problem, you’re so busy that it’s hard to get everything done.

Do you have the time to manage all this?

  • Ongoing research on new topic ideas and angles.
  • Hiring and managing writers.
  • Drafting alluring downloadable reports and guide.
  • Editing and reviewing draft content.
  • Designing new content into a beautiful format.
  • Writing email form opt-in copy.
  • Writing email nurturing sequences.
  • Writing social media updates for the downloadable report.
  • Designing images for social media updates.
  • Setting up marketing automation.
  • Analysing results and planning for future content.

Producing the right type of quality content is another big challenge.

You need quality content that actively attracts new clients.

Let me help you acquire more Human Resources clients with powerful content marketing that drives more targeted sales leads to your HR business.

Content Marketing Packages (Lead Magnets) For Human Resources Companies

Sometimes referred to as lead magnets, content marketing guides, client ebooks, or educational PDFs,Content marketing for HR companies these content marketing resources work because they bring people off third-party sites (like LinkedIn) and into your lead nurturing system (your email database).

They bring in new sales leads and help you turn them into new clients, even while you sleep.

Let me help you turn your company’s website and blog into an automated lead-generation machine.

What You Get With Your Lead Magnet Package

Below is what you get when you invest in a lead magnet package to generate new sales leads and clients for as long as you like.

You get: Ebook Cover - Retail

  1. An appealing HR topic report or guide to share with sales leads and existing clients.
  2. A topic checklist for readers.
  3. A topic summary infographic.
  4. A three-part email series to send to potential clients to educate them on the topic and introduce them to your business.
  5. Ten text posts to use on social media such as LinkedIn.
  6. Text to use on an email opt-in page where prospects request the report or guide.
  7. An image of the report to use on the email opt-in page where prospects request the report or guide.
  8. BONUS: A Recommended Action Plan to help you promote your new resources to generate more sales leads and clients.

What Topics Can I Have?

You can choose whatever topic you like.

I’ll help you choose something that is likely to attract the kinds of clients you want.

Examples of broad topics include:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Leading Change
  • Employee Retention
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Data Protection
  • New Developments In HR Tech
  • AI and Your Workforce
  • And so on.

HR Content Marketing – About Me

Wondering how I’m different from other marketing experts? Ben photo

  • I’m from the HR industry and my team only write about companies in the Human Resources industry. Unlike other content marketing and blog-writing services, I’ve actually worked in the HR industry and still follow it closely.
  • I’ve managed policies, process, people, and tech in areas ranging from hiring to employment law, to staff learning & development, to employee engagement, and beyond.
  • Blind luck or gut feel is not the way to choose content marketing topics and resources – that approach produces generic topics that no-one wants to read. I use real data, industry analysis, and ongoing research to produce content that resonates with your target audience.
  • My content mapping process ensures that your content is educating your various customer segments at the different stages of their research and buying journey.
  • Together, our focus should be on traffic growth and sales growth.

You’ll generate more leads and sales.

Learn More – Get In Touch Now

The job of your website and blog is to find, attract, and retain HR clients.

Make it easier by investing in a lead magnet package.

Contact me now here about my client-generating package for your HR company and we can discuss what will work best.

Talk with you soon.

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