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Nice to see you 🙂

I’m planning something big for mid-January: an online conference for HR Consultants.

Thanks for getting involved!

What Is The HR Consultants’ Online Conference?

The online summit is an online conference held over a few days.

Each day, several presentations will be released.

Each talk will be on some topic that will help HR consultants and HR consulting firms around the world to grow their business.

Speakers will include:

  • Fellow consultants sharing tips and advice
  • Business growth experts (sales, marketing, etc).
  • Software and service companies that help consultants.

I am planning to get more than 1000 consultants registered for the online conference – ideally, many more.

It will be free for consultants to attend live.

Attendees can also choose to buy a premium pass which will give them access to all the recordings for 3 months after the event and also get access to bonus content.

Why Participate?

There are more than 30 really interesting experts joining so you’ll be in good company.

There are a number of reasons to get involved:

  • Get new clients/customers
  • Find new consultants for your business or network
  • Get more referral partners
  • Sell products and/or services.
  • Make money on affiliate ticket sales
  • Expand your brand reach
  • A combination of these reasons.

What’s Involved?

I’m asking you to give a pre-recorded talk.

(It won’t be delivered live so we can avoid the usual webinar technical glitches that we’ve all experienced).

What’s the talk?

  • A pre-recorded video of a ~30-minute talk (can be more, can be less). Here’s an example – Tash has kindly let me share with you – she opened a new Zoom meeting, hit Share Screen, recorded the meeting, then sent me the link to her Dropbox folder.
  • On a topic that will help HR consultants. You can promote your own products and services at the end – just make sure there’s good content first.

I will record an introduction to you and the topic. The introduction will be added to the start of the presentation.

Ideally, all speakers will spread the word about the event via email, LinkedIn, and other such methods – we all benefit as a result.

Details On The Talk Itself

Here are the key points:

  • The talk can be recorded by sitting at your desk talking to the camera on your laptop or it could be a slide presentation recorded on your computer. There’s no need for fancy TV studios, talking into your laptop at your desk is fine. If slides, you can use your own slides or I can give you a template set to use. There is plenty of software out there for screen recording but a free method is to use Zoom.us – set up a Zoom video meeting and hit record. The video will save and it’s done.
  • Alternatively, we could record a Q&A discussion via Zoom (but my preference is for an actual presentation).
  • In addition to demonstrating your expertise to a hungry audience, you’ll also be able to pitch your own product or service at the end of your presentation (you’re welcome to create a referral link for me to use but it’s not a requirement).
  • We can include clickable website links and text below your video.
  • I’ll give you a referral link so you’ll get 50% of any Premium Pass sales you refer in. ACTION: Please let me know if you’d like me to create an affiliate referral link for you.
  • You’ll need to use an external microphone to ensure good sound.
  • It would be fantastic if, together, we could come up with some sort of handout or resource that we could include for people with a Premium Pass. This could be your slides or maybe just a transcript of your talk. A plain transcript would be lower down the list. A summary handout would be better – I could help make it.

Due Date

It would be good to have all the presentations recorded by 19 December 2019 so we avoid the Christmas craziness.

Text Chat Discussions (Optional)

The talks will be pre-recorded but I’m looking into adding a text chat/discussion area in case you’d like to take Q&A during your talk.

It would operate like one of those live Twitter Q&A sessions you might have seen. At X time on X date, the video of your talk will be released (go live) and you’ll be available at that time to chat with attendees in the chatbox as they watch the presentation.

I’m still researching this but let me know if you’re interested in doing this – it will affect what time and date we release your talk.

Questions/Need Help?

I have set up a private LinkedIn group where we can all meet and discuss any questions that may arise.

Here’s the conference site.

Let me know if you want me to add any bio or company description text.

If you need any help at all or have some ideas you think could help, please email me on bengeoghegan [@] hrwisdom.com.au.

Many thanks!

All the best,

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