Partnership reports are powerful.

They are part of a system.

They combine sales & account-based marketing with content marketing to acquire more B2B clients.

The Problem . . .

Sales/business development is hard and can be quite hit & miss.

Most business leaders are busy and are not interested in having sales calls with you.

Content marketing is good but slow.

Yes, over time, content marketing can become very effective over time but what if you want more clients and sales leads sooner?

The Solution – Engage Leads, Produce Powerful Content, and Raise The Profile Of Your Business

Partnership Reports are a powerful way to combine content marketing with direct sales outreach.

Partnership Reports turn cold sales leads into warm contacts that are happy to talk to you about your business.

It’s a good look when you have a group of industry leaders discussing an HR topic of your choice, all under your company’s banner, as part of your partnership report.

Turn cold sales leads into warm contacts and partners.

A partnership report features your company and a range of clients and potential clients discussing a hot topic of your choice.

In addition to your industry partnership report, your clients and sales leads will promote your report and your business across social media and beyond.

Bonus: Your Ideal Clients In A Room Discussing Your Chosen Topic (With You As The Leader)

You can then potentially take it up a notch by holding a live, in-person event with your target market, all based on the report.

Imagine having your report and supporting content being actively promoted by industry leaders and potential clients.

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If you’re looking to expand your HR business, I recommend Ben and his expert advice.“ Robert Ebers, CEO – Workplace Stars

Partnership Reports Will Make It Easier To Get New Clients For Your HR Business

Aside from the powerful content marketing, the best thing about a partnership report is the way it turns cold sales leads into warm contacts.

An example . . .

I recently produced a report for a successful Human Resources consultancy.

Prior to the report, some key industry leaders weren’t responding to the consultancy’s sales calls and emails.

The Problem: Key industry leaders weren’t responding to the consultancy’s sales calls and emails . . .

Now, post-report, those same leaders see the company as a trusted partner and are actively promoting the report.

They are also becoming new clients.

Partnership marketing for Human Resources companies

Interested In Running Your Own HR Partnership Report Campaign?

A partnership marketing campaign is the missing element in your sales & marketing plan – it is proven to acquire new clients.

No promises, but you are highly likely to acquire new clients before you even release the partner report.

Please note: I am closely involved in the process so I only work with reputable companies in the Human Resources industry.

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“Ben is not only super knowledgeable in the HR and marketing space, he is extremely well connected.” Adam Hankin, GM – Ireland, Wagestream

If you can see the power of an HR partnership report and would like to know how you can get one for your HR company – get in touch now and we’ll take it from there.

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