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I’m looking forward to chatting with you on my podcast, A Better HR Business!

Thanks very much for taking part in the discussion.

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  1. Wednesday 9 December – 10:30am UK time (Full)
  2. Friday 11 December – 10:30am UK time

I’m aiming for 2-4 guests per panel discussion.

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Discussion Topics

These are the questions we’ll aim to cover:

  1. What does your business do and for whom?
  2. What makes a good vs great recruitment business?
  3. What’s your advice when it comes to growing a successful recruitment/HR business?
  4. What does the future hold for the recruitment/talent acquisition space?
  5. If we have enough time: How can you upskill staff and use processes & technology to help business owners and leaders step back from time-intensive activities so they can become more strategic in the business?

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A few things to note:

  1. Once you’ve chosen a time, I’ll send you a calendar invitation with the Zoom call details.
  2. When we talk, please use headphones of any type to prevent audio feedback which can sometimes happen over Zoom calls. Even the headphones that come with a new mobile phone are better than nothing. If you have a special microphone – even better!
  3. We’ll talk on video but I tend to only use the audio.
  4. When you dial into the Zoom call, we’ll have a chat before we start the podcast discussion. When we’re ready, we’ll start the interview itself.
  5. Each interview usually comes out 2-3 weeks later although we can be flexible.
  6. When we publish the interview, we’ll let you know via LinkedIn and/or email. If you’d like to plan for a coordinated release, let me know so I can give you the release date. If you need to hear the final version before we release it, just let me know, but we usually just clean up the audio and publish it as is.
  7. I’ve covered many topics on the podcast so I’m generally happy to discuss anything that relates to operating a business in the broad HR industry. As a general rule, I always aim to include tips or advice to help other HR-related businesses become more successful.
  8. In case you’re confused about me and my whereabouts, I’m an Aussie living in Dublin ?

Many thanks!

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