Do you love helping your clients but hate selling? If so, you’ll love this episode.

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Today’s guest on A Better HR Business is Reuben Swartz, founder of Mimiran (the CRM for people who love serving clients but hate selling), and the host and Chief Nerd on the Sales for Nerds Podcast.

Reuben graduated with a computer science degree from Princeton University and got lost on his way out to Silicon Valley, ending up in Texas instead.

There, Reuben wrote code that powered hundreds of billions of dollars of transactions, before realizing that the interesting problems were not just the technology, but the way organizations use technology.

He started Mimiran (“mim-eran”) to bring together technology, strategy, and business processes for sales and marketing, especially pricing, for large companies, consulting and training many members of the Fortune 500. After the birth of his twins, he didn’t want to travel all the time, and he wanted to work with smaller firms more like his company and less like the giant corporations he had served.

Reuben created the Mimiran CRM to make it easier for service-oriented firms to sell without having to be “sales-y”, and started the Sales for Nerds podcast so that other people could learn the easy way, instead of the way he learned.

We discussed:

  • Reuben’s background in B2B sales.
  • Lead magnets – what are they and how do they help?
  • People who don’t use lead magnets because they get all their leads from referrals then it is a self-fulfilling prophecy.
  • What makes a good proposal to potential new clients?
  • Reuben’s advice on how to approach a potential client that you’ve found on LinkedIn.
  • Reuben’s thoughts on the best way for a consultant or startup founder to approach their former employers to get them as a client.
  • How a consultant or startup founder should conduct a sales meeting with a potential new client.
  • A suggested plan of attack if starting out as a new HR consultant or a new HR tech startup.

Special Offer From Reuben

Mimiran: If you’d like a free trial of Mimiran and then get 10% off, use the referral code: MOREHR

Sales Training: Reuben also hosts a fabulous podcast and an online sales training course for consultants – you can check it out here.

Sales Podcast: Reuben is also the host and Chief Nerd on the excellent Sales for Nerds Podcast.

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