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Free Guide: How To Start & Grow An HR Business – To download the quick summary guide on how to start your own HR business, click here.

HR Business Accelerator – Client Case Study with Louise Bijesse of UpTalent Consulting. Louise went through our HR Business Accelerator program and has created an amazing business that suits her lifestyle. In this extract from the podcast, Louise shares why she started her business, how she got her first clients, how she overtook her old corporate salary and grew her team, how she makes time for horse riding, and much more.

Highlights From The ‘A Better HR Business’ PodcastCheck out the ebook here.

Marketing Strategy: Make yourself a fresh coffee and take a seat, here’s The Ultimate Guide – Get More HR Clients.

Positioning: Take a look at this Two-Line Formula To Differentiate Your Business. It will help your business stand out. It also includes an interesting example of how to get more sales leads from public speeches.

Website Conversion: Here’s some quick food for thought – Ebook: How to get more HR clients from your website traffic.

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Starting An HR Business: If you have any friends think of going into HR consulting for themselves, send them this article on how to set up a new HR firm.

Write An Article For SEO & Branding: Gain exposure to an international HR audience and improve your website SEO with a backlink. Contribute an article to this HR website (click to open pdf). My advice would be to contact them and then write up a quick article on a topic that matters to your local target market. Once it’s published, put the article link on your LinkedIn profile and share it around as much as you can. It looks more impressive when your article is on a third-party site. Then, leverage that article to move up the value chain (ie. offer to give webinars, write articles, etc, for larger companies and potential referral partners).

Your Company Blog: How To Get More HR Clients From Your Company Blog [Quick Tips From Other HR Companies]

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Your Value Proposition: How To Create A Value Proposition For Your HR Company [Expert Interview]

Side Gigs: How To Get An Side Job As An HR Employee

Running Webinars: How To Get More Clients From B2B Webinars [Expert Interview]

Website Conversion: How To Convert Website Visitors Into HR Clients – Quick Tips From Experts

Start An HR Business: How To Start A New HR Consulting Business – 5 Steps To Successfully Launch Your New Independent HR Consultancy

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