Your HR-related business is facing a difficult problem . . .

The HR market has become saturated.

  • Unless you’re Josh Bersin, employers aren’t paying as much attention to your content marketing as they used to.
  • Information for business & HR leaders is everywhere and has become generic.
  • Your prospects ignore advertising or turn on ad blockers.
  • They hate getting cold email and cold LinkedIn messages.
  • The coronavirus shutdown has made online networking much more crowded – it’s much more difficult to get referrals.

However . . .

We’ve found a way to combine the various marketing methods into a powerful, well-planned, and well-executed lead generation system that acquires more HR customers & clients.

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“Ben and his team have taken our HR marketing and lead generation up to a whole new level. They’ve delivered a powerful combination of strategy, execution, and iteration to help us reach new top-level clients. They continue to produce high-quality marketing campaigns.” Paul Smyth, Managing Director – Top Tier Recruitment

How Does The ‘Sell Without Selling’ HR Customer & Client Acquisition System Help You? 

We have discovered a way to cut through all the noise.

There are several powerful combinations of sales & marketing elements within our Sell Without Selling System.

The unique combinations used in our Sell Without Selling system let you SCALE.

The SCALE Model for HR marketing
  • Select your ideal clients and target companies. You can promote your HR business in a very non-salesy way and really let your personality shine. Remember the thing that so many HR companies forget, people prefer to buy from people.
  • Contact at scale with appealing invitations that they actually enjoy receiving.
  • Assemble powerful new inbound marketing content that features your ideal clients and industry influencers. The content will position your HR business to become more appealing to your target segments.
  • Leverage your powerful new content for greater reach and effect. You’ll now have more excellent inbound marketing content you can use for your paid and unpaid channels such as LinkedIn posts and advertising.
  • Engage & nurture prospects and win new clients. Maintain and strengthen relationships with your ideal customers until they’re ready to buy. It can be your sales & marketing machine even when people are avoiding the office and networking events due to the coronavirus.

“Your sales & marketing machine – even when people are avoiding the office and networking events due to the coronavirus.”

You won’t have to spend much time on marketing. The Sell Without Selling lead generation and marketing system operates quietly in the background without you having to worry about it.

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If you’re looking to expand your HR business, I recommend Ben and his expert advice.” Robert Ebers, CEO – Workplace Stars

Why Us?

  • We are selective. We’re from the HR industry so we only work with ambitious small-medium HR consultancies and HR Tech businesses.
  • Week in, week out, we study what successful HR businesses around the world are doing to grow faster (see our HR business growth podcast).
  • We are well-connected. For example, around 1000 HR businesses and 40 business growth speakers attended our online HR business growth conference.
  • You’ll be able to draw upon our deep HR marketing experience and success to craft your own tailored business growth plan. We’ve run highly successful paid advertising campaigns on Google, Facebook, & LinkedIn, sent more than 3 million emails for client campaigns which have produced huge amounts of revenue, launched successful podcasts, and more.
  • You’ll work directly with Ben on your campaign plan. Behind the scenes, our marketing process guru, Operations Director, Ferencz leads the team to make sure everything is mapped out carefully and all the trains run on time.
  • Talk to us. Heard Ben on the podcast? He won’t bite. Hop on a quick call to see what’s possible. You will not get any hard sell – just plenty of good ideas and ambition for you and your HR business.
Adam Hankin

Ben is super knowledgeable in the HR & marketing space and his team knows how to produce top quality work.” Adam Hankin, GM – Ireland, Wagestream


Here are some example articles and reports we’ve produced.

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