I was delighted to be joined on the A Better HR Business show by Robin Choy, CEO of HireSweet CRM, a talent acquisition software that helps recruiters automate their candidate outreach, get real-time insights on their pipeline, and create a centralized database of ‘warm’ contacts.

Robin Choy

Robin is very active on LinkedIn, where he shares “the things I learned over the past 6 years, from my podcast, from my own experience, from talking to thousands of top recruiters & founders.”

He is also the host of A-Players Podcast, where he interviews recruiting leaders & execs and collects their stories and battle-tested advice on how to build teams of A-players.

HireSweet CRM helps companies hiring improve their sourcing and meet more quality candidates. That’s especially useful to companies that don’t get enough quality applicants.

Recruiting teams are using HireSweet CRM on top of their ATS to be 10X more efficient with outbound recruiting, to find people faster and get more replies, which includes managing talent pools, cold outreach, searching inside the ATS, etc.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Robin and I talked about:

  • What is HireSweet and who it helps.
  • How recruiting teams can use HireSweet on top of their ATS to be more efficient with outbound recruiting.
  • How HireSweet manages the different aspects of the recruitment process.
  • The types of businesses that use HireSweet.
  • HireSweet’s marketing strategy.
  • HireSweet’s referral program for consultants.
  • Business growth advice for companies in the HR sector.
  • And much more.

Thanks, Robin!

Episode 190 – Growing A Talent Acquisition Software Business – with Robin Choy from HireSweet

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Enjoy the show!

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